How to choose a good acrylic bath?

Not all acrylic in the store

How to choose a quality acrylic bath - The question that inevitably arises when buying plumbing, made from modern polymers. The choice of models is offered in a huge range from unknown firms to venerable manufacturers, and the price range is shocking for the width of the interval. To buy real acrylic, and not its cheap counterpart, you should get acquainted with all aspects of the choice.

"Secrets" of acrylic: technological solutions baths

In stores and plumbing markets you can find the following options for baths:

  1. Fake acrylic;
  2. Analogue of acrylic;
  3. Real acrylic.

Pseudoacrylic bath. This is a true fake, which is like acrylic, but only in appearance. This construction consists of layers of fiberglass, primer and acrylic paint, which after drying is subjected to polishing. On the durability and reliability of the product is not even worth talking about, and buying it will be the height of indiscretion. Identify fake easily: unknown manufacturer and low cost bath.

Almost acrylic bath. Often found on sale option, featuring a moderate price and a large selection of designs and modifications. It is produced by the extrusion of two polymers: polymethyl methacrylate (PPMA) and acrylonetrile-budatienstyrene (ABS plastic). The presence in the names of polymers acrylic component, as well as the similarity with the same material allow you to call manufactured using this technology acrylic baths. But according to the properties, such products essentially lose: they quickly scratch, turn yellow, their service life during everyday use lasts no more than 3-4 years.

Acrylic bath - expensive plumbing equipment, featuring high surface quality and interesting design. It is made by casting from a polymer with the name methacryl, it is also called acrylan or simply acrylic. The list of advantages of baths from real acrylic is quite large, which actually makes it so popular.

Acrylic values: material properties and its advantages

Methacryl is one of the names of PPMA, the hardest of all existing polymers. About the magnificent complex of properties of methacryl tells Alexander Nemirov, Commercial Director of Design-Ceramics Salon (// It is they who provide acrylic bath value in the eyes of consumers:

  • Low heat emission. Water cools much more slowly than in steel or cast iron products.
  • Environmental friendliness. The material is absolutely safe for others.
  • Hygienic. The chemical structure of acrylic, as well as its absolutely smooth surface are a natural barrier for any bacteria.
  • Maintainability. Any damage and scratches on acrylic can be repaired even by a non-professional builder.
  • Durability. The period of operation of 15 years with full color and gloss coating
  • Aesthetics. The variety of shapes and colors allow you to select the best solutions for the bathroom interior.
  • Practicality. Simple rules of care

Of course, not a single product can do without flaws, but for acrylic baths, the list of negative characteristics has a small number of points:

  • Price. The cost of cast acrylic baths is quite high, but when compared with the length of service life, this parameter loses its significance.
  • Fast damage when cleaning with abrasives. With the right choice of care products, such troubles will never disturb the owners of acrylic baths.
  • Low static strength. Like most large-sized products made of polymers, acrylic bath needs a special frame, to ensure the stability and durability of the product.

Having dealt with the types and technological features, and also having clearly realized that Acrylic bath is a really good and profitable purchase., you can proceed to the direct selection of plumbing in the store. And here, too, there are some nuances.

Problems of choice: acrylic is a delicate matter ...

Understanding the final goal helps to quickly make a quality purchase that fully meets all the criteria of price and quality. First you decide what company choose acrylic bath, that is, to decide between the casting sanitary acrylic and coextruded multilayer option.

Among the most common proposals worth paying attention to manufacturers:

  • Akrllan (Russia) - cast acrylic Lucite
  • Arrolo (China) - Co-Extrusion ABS / PMMA
  • Aquatek (Russia) - cast acrylic Degussa
  • Hoesch (Germany) - molding sanitary acrylic ISA
  • IDO (Finland) - cast acrylic Lucite
  • Senoplast (Austria) - co-extruded Sanitary Acrylic / ABS.

Plumbing acrylic praise more than the usual cast, as its composition contains substances that prevent the reproduction of most microorganisms.

In the finished products to determine the casting used method of manufacture or extrusion is quite simple. The clue will be:

  • product thickness
  • the presence and number of layers on the side cut
  • wrong side of the bath.

If you look at the acrylic plumbing from the end, you can see the layers of materials used. Ideally, there should be two:

  • methacryl - about 5 mm
  • reinforcement

As reinforcing layer manufacturers use:

  • fiberglass reinforced with polyester resin
  • polyurethane composite.

Fiberglass reinforcement is carried out using styrene, which in the free state is poisonous and has an unpleasant chemical odor. Therefore, it is best to choose a safer and more environmentally friendly polyurethane composite. About what kind of reinforcement was applied, "tell" the outer surface of the product. Fiberglass has a ribbed surface, and composite different lack of texture and dark color.

If during the inspection of the bath more than two layers and the thickness of acrylic is 7-8 mm, then the product is made of polymer components by extrusion. It is better to refuse such a purchase, otherwise in three or four years it will again be necessary to decide on the choice of an acrylic bath.

So, if the question does not arise whether it is better to choose a cast-iron or acrylic bath, the criteria for analyzing the material and the manufacturer are defined, then the last step remains - to conduct a custom assessment of the product based on standard expert requirements.

Buying an acrylic bath: takes more time than you thought.

To select a convenient and high-quality acrylic bath in the store will have to carry out a series of manipulations. Only a certain sequence of actions will help you to understand whether it is worth purchasing this product or you need to look further.

It is best to adhere to the following scheme:

  1. Visual assessment. We study the layer thickness, the number of layers and draw conclusions on the material and method of production
  2. Tactile analysis. The surface of the bath should be perfectly flat. The widely advertised corrugated bottom is an attempt to hide manufacturing defects and the poor quality of acrylic. Naturally, roughness, dents, scratches should not be observed either.
  3. Check the thickness of the lumen. The method recommended by the manufacturers themselves is to light a flashlight on the wall of the product. In the presence of a lumen from the purchase it is better to refuse, since a thin bath under loads may not prove to be the best.
  4. Evaluation of color. Any divorces, drops of semitones, yellowness indicate a low quality sanitary products.

Naturally real acrylic bath must not have any odors. Chemical "aromas" - the lot of cheap materials and little-known manufacturers.

Width, depth, height and shape - belong to the category of individual and design preferences, and are selected by buyers on their own. It should be understood that the purchase is not limited to only one bathroom. For the installation of plumbing, especially made of acrylic, requires the selection of a number of components.

Saving is not profitable

The store standardly offers two options for picking acrylic baths: basic or optional. It should immediately ask the price for the full set, as you still have to buy more.

Full set includes:

  • frame support frame
  • protective decorative panel
  • sets of fasteners for installation
  • siphons drain / overflow with a semi-automatic system of opening and closing of drain channels.

If the choice of acrylic bath is made according to the rules, then it will be very long to please with its whiteness and stylish design.

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