What makes a blender different from a mixer?

Mixer or blender - which of these devices will serve better in your kitchen? We answer.

Mixer and blender have similar names and similar functions. However, there is a difference between these devices.
The main purpose of the mixer is to mix, and the main function of the blender is to grind. This is reflected in the names - the mixer from the English. verb mix - mix, and blender from the English. to blend - to combine, make a mixture.
The mixer always has two rotating corolla, and the blender has one.

Mixer Functions

Mixers well suited for whipping cream, souffle, creams and other air dishes. Using them, you can beat the batter for pancakes and pancakes. Almost always they are completed with nozzles for kneading dough (kneading hooks). The rotation of the mixer beaters is performed synchronously in different directions. Nevertheless, they should not knead a stiff dough - it can break.

Blender functions

Blender - This is a lightweight and compact device with one axial corolla. It is intended for mixing, grinding or whipping products. Quite often it is an alternative to a food processor, most of its function is sufficient for everyday use. In addition, it is smaller and significantly cheaper. Blender is designed for a small amount of products. You can easily make it puree for the baby, but not for a company of soldiers.

If there is a crumb in the family, then the blender becomes indispensable helpers for moms. For 5 seconds, he is able to prepare various purees for the baby, while it does not cool down and does not lose vitamins.

What to choose - a mixer or blender?

If you often work with dough, bake pancakes and other pastries, then you need a mixer, it will cope better with kneading.

However, you do not do serious baking, but you like to cook various mashed soups, chop cheese, greens and vegetables, then, of course, it is better to choose a blender.
In general, you need to have in the kitchen and a mixer, and a blender. The blender is used for mashed potatoes, meat, etc., and an inexpensive mixer is purchased for whipping.
However, if you rarely use one of the functions, and the second is important to you, then in order to save money and space, you should choose combined option.

Mixer models are produced with a blender nozzle, and most blenders are equipped with a beater whisk. For example, all Bosch MFQ-series models are equipped with a nozzle grinder. Mixers with a blender from Clatronic, Zelmer, Tefal and other manufacturers are sold. Almost all stationary blenders of the average price group are equipped with a whisk for beating.
When choosing a blender and mixer, pay attention to the power of the device. What it is, the better.

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