Overview of the perfume water For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

The fragrance that attracts men

Narciso Rodriguez For Her perfumery water is designed to highlight the natural femininity and natural sexuality of its owner.

Advantages of perfumery water:

  • Original, interesting flavor.
  • Not sharp, pleasant to others and memorable.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Not too popular.

Disadvantages: some note the admixture of "rubber" smell.

From For Her reviews:

“I was looking for this fragrance all my adult life, definitely! This is just sex in the "bare" form! He is stupefying, attractive, at the same time so natural and incredibly feminine! This is my reflection - the best perfume water! ".

“I made a couple of pshikov on the neck in the store, came home - my husband started rubbing around me like a cat after valerian. At first I did not understand, and then I guessed - this is perfume. The next day I got it, my husband is satisfied, he asks me to use more often, he feels it when I come home from work in the evening and splashed in the morning. But I don’t mind, even though I don’t smell myself in half an hour. ”

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

Watch the video: For Her L'eau Fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez (January 2020).