Rating of the best vitamins for pregnant women - TOP 4

For the health of mother and baby

Reception of vitamins during pregnancy is still a dual attitude. Some believe that the main thing is a healthy diet, which will cover the deficiency of any vitamins and trace elements. Others do not tire of citing figures that reflect the depleted state of the soil and, accordingly, a significant reduction in the amount of minerals and vitamins that are able to accumulate in themselves the plants growing in such "poor" conditions. You can argue about hoarseness, but the essence remains the same: the future mother needs a wide range of vitamins, macro- and microelements, without which the planned pregnancy can not take place, and the flow of an existing one can be complicated.

The modern pharmaceutical industry is “armed” to the teeth with a huge variety of vitamin-mineral complexes intended for the period of planning a pregnancy, carrying a child and even to improve lactation. But how to choose the best among many vitamins and dietary supplements for pregnant women? That is what we are trying to figure out now.

Folic acid
best vitamins when planning pregnancy

The active ingredient is folic acid (vitamin B9). The cost of packing tablets (50pcs. 1 mg) is about 40 rubles.

Folic acid is an important component that ensures the proper functioning of many systems and organs. It participates in the synthesis of enzymes, amino acids, purines, the formation of blood cells, and also in metabolic processes.

Benefits. Taking folic acid is important when planning pregnancy, as this substance helps to neutralize and remove the remnants of contraceptives from the body, increase the likelihood of conception and prevent a number of disorders in the fetus. Folic acid is recommended for pregnancy complicated by toxicosis, when the risk of iron deficiency anemia is high.

disadvantages. If folic acid is inappropriate or the dosage is exceeded, a kind of “resistance” to this substance may develop in the body. This means that folic acid intake will be, at a minimum, useless. In addition, with individual intolerance, the drug can cause skin reactions - itching, rash.

findings. As follows from the above - a responsible attitude to the dosage makes folic acid one of the best vitamin preparations for the health of mother and child, and therefore in the rating of the best vitamins for pregnant women, she is given a score of 10 points.

Reviews. «An indispensable drug in the purse of every woman. I began to drink folic acid before conception, as I planned the pregnancy and wanted a healthy baby, and the first trimester during pregnancy. There were no side effects, the baby was healthy and hemoglobin during the whole pregnancy was above normal».

the best vitamins in planning and in the first trimester of pregnancy

The complex includes 9 vitamins and iodine. The cost of packing tablets (30 pcs.) Is about 450 rubles.

Fembion is designed for women planning pregnancy and pregnant for up to 12 weeks. The preparation includes vitamins of group B, C, E and iodine - 1 tablet contains these substances in proportions that cover the daily need for the listed vitamins and iodine.

Benefits. Fembion is designed to meet the needs of the pregnant woman and the fetus during the first trimester. This means that all the components of the drug are represented in exactly the quantity and ratio that allows you to provide the mother and child's body with the substances they need at this stage as fully and safely as possible. Folic acid in the composition of Fembione is present in the form of a biologically active form - metafolin, which is absorbed in the intestine even in people suffering from malabsorption syndrome and other disorders of absorption. This allows you to compensate for the lack of folic acid and prevent its deficiency, which ensures the prevention of pathologies of the mother’s blood and a number of malformations in the fetus.

disadvantages. The only minus of Femibion ​​is its limited period of use: at the end of the first trimester, it is necessary to select other vitamin-mineral complexes that include a greater amount of mineral substances (calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.) that will help the proper development of the systems and organs of the fetus second and third trimester.

findings. Narrow "specialization" of the drug is a guarantee that all the necessary vitamins will be delivered to the destination in the quantity that the fetus needs before 12 weeks of development. Choose another vitamin and mineral complex is not difficult, and it will be later. In the meantime, Fembion earns 10 points out of ten in the ranking of the best vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy - for a thoughtful selection of components and a high safety profile.

Reviews. «During the first pregnancy there were problems with hemoglobin, constantly dizzy, nauseous, circles before his eyes. The baby was born 3 weeks ahead of time. During the second pregnancy, Fembion began to drink literally from the first week - there were no problems with hemoglobin at all! And most importantly, the health of the youngest son is much stronger than that of the older one».

Vitrum Prenatal
the best vitamins with iodine during pregnancy

Complex of 10 vitamins and 3 minerals. The cost of packing tablets (30 pieces) is about 360 rubles.

Vitrum Prenatal Forte vitamins contain the best combination of exactly those vitamins and microelements, the deficiency of which most often develops during pregnancy. Unlike more complex multivitamin complexes, the components of which may be unsafe for the expectant mother and fetus, Vitrum Prenatal eliminates such risks (provided that the preparation is used correctly).

Benefits. Among the variety of vitamins for pregnant women, Vitrum Prenatal Forte occupies a special place: it is recommended for strengthening the body during pregnancy planning, throughout pregnancy and after giving birth. That is, starting to take this drug before conception, you can not change habits until the end of breastfeeding, without worrying about possible vitamin deficiency.

disadvantages. Vitrum Prenatal doesn’t have any deficiencies as such - unless, you need to take additional complexes or dietary supplements for pregnant women who contain more mineral substances (if the attending physician considers this measure necessary).

findings. A rather narrow range of minerals that make up Vitrum Prenatal Forte cannot be considered a valid reason for lowering the rating: this complex contains all the most necessary components for the mother and baby, so it’s fair to give the drug 10 points out of ten in our rating.

Reviews. «Saw from the 12th week of pregnancy, the baby was born healthy. Compared with other more advertised complexes for pregnant women, Vitrum Prenatal Forte vitamin complex seemed to me the best (I tried it on myself), because did not cause problems with the chair».

Elevit Pronatal
best complex vitamins during pregnancy

Complex vitamin-mineral drug, the cost of packing tablets (100 pcs.) Is about 1350 rubles.

The composition of the drug includes almost all the necessary vitamins, micro-and macronutrients needed throughout pregnancy and lactation. Designed to meet the increased needs of women during pregnancy in vitamins and minerals, Elevit Pronatal prevents beriberi, metabolic disorders in the mother, as well as congenital malformations in the fetus.

Benefits. The main advantage is a well thought-out composition of the drug, including vitamins A, E, D, C, B1, B6, B12, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other substances, without which healthy pregnancy and proper fetus formation are impossible. . The special value of Elevit Pronatal is for women, for any reason, experiencing a nutritional deficiency (intestinal absorption disorders, toxicosis of pregnant women, a course of treatment with antibiotics before pregnancy, etc.). Elevit Pronatal is recommended for admission to women planning to conceive, throughout the entire period of pregnancy and during breastfeeding - the composition of the drug is designed to cover the needs for vitamins and minerals in women of these groups.

disadvantages. Given the rich mineral composition of Elevit Pronatal, which includes calcium and phosphorus (one of the stone-forming elements), taking this multivitamin complex is not recommended for women with elevated levels of calcium in the blood or urine, disorders of iron absorption, and pregnant women diagnosed with urolithiasis disease. Another disadvantage is the lack of iodine, therefore, women living in regions with iodine deficiency need to think about taking a separate drug containing this element, or carefully monitor the presence of iodine-containing products in the diet.

findings. Despite two "disadvantages", the drug is given a score of 9 points. But if you approach pregnancy (and the reception of Elevit Pronatal - including) responsibly, and pre-pass an examination that confirms the normal level of calcium and urinary system health - your personal rating will be 10 points out of ten, since the vitamin complex is really one of the best in gestation time.

Reviews. «Saw his course during pregnancy. I was very pleased. Hair even after combing did not fall out, became thick. There was no constipation at all (which often torments pregnant women). Well, stretch marks were not there either. Now once again I want to drink away the course, since after birth, hair loss bothers me and the infrequent chair»

What vitamins are best for pregnant women: what is important to know?

The statement "In a spoonful of medicine, in a cup is poison" does not lose its relevance in the case of useful and even necessary vitamins. Practicing gynecologists often face situations when a pregnant woman, in order to avoid some ephemeral avitaminosis or threatened miscarriage, takes additional vitamin preparations recommended by friends and relatives, without consulting a doctor. To avoid unpleasant consequences for both the mother and the unborn child, the following should be remembered:

  • Neither prescribe your own vitamins, without consulting a doctor! If you have carefully read our rating, you have already understood that any, even the best, vitamins for pregnant women have contraindications, and an overdose of vitamins is harmful.
  • If the vitamin-mineral complex prescribed by a doctor already contains vitamins A, D, and E, a single dose is enough to cover the daily need for these substances. The opinion that the listed vitamins should be taken in pregnancy in two to three times the dose is just a myth. With an excess of these substances, they create a “depot” in the body — in the liver, ovaries, and they can negatively affect the development of the fetus, since they have a teratogenic, “disfiguring” effect.
  • If, after a period of taking vitamins, you start to experience a decrease in sleep quality or insomnia, irritability, or a rash on the skin, stop taking the vitamins and tell him about the symptoms during a scheduled visit to a doctor. These signs may indicate individual intolerance to any component, or the wrong dosage.
  • In case of any diseases of the kidneys, bladder, liver, intestinal absorption disorders, thyroid dysfunction, taking multivitamin preparations must be accompanied by mandatory control over the concentration of mineral substances in the body. This means that you will need to donate blood / urine for laboratory testing on a specific schedule - the test results will be a determining factor for the further intake of vitamins or the cessation of the course. Thus, you can avoid avitaminosis, prevent violations of the child’s development and at the same time prevent the exacerbation of already existing diseases.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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