8 best TV tuners

Rating 2019: choose the best DVB-T2 tuner for digital TV

“Ripple” on the television screen now looks amazing, and high-quality image has become the norm. Even if you live far from major cities and are not a subscriber to any cable TV provider, you still have the opportunity to watch your favorite programs in good quality. To do this, it is enough to purchase and connect a DVB-T2 tuner, and a first grader can configure it. In especially difficult cases, a satellite receiver that can work with the T2-MI transponder will help residents of the backwoods.

However, digital TV tuners are also relevant for citizens. Not all of them require 100,500 channels, and sets in social packages are not much different from television programs broadcast in T2. On the other hand, just the combined tuners provide the greatest variety and flexibility, therefore in our review they are given due attention.

Top tv tuners

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best simple DVB-T2 tuners for digital TV1BBK SMP145HDT29.0 / 101 203
2D-COLOR DC1302HD8.5 / 101 230
3BBK SMP002HDT28.0 / 101 060
Top tuners for cable TV and DVB-T21Oriel 4219.2 / 101 200
2Selenga t81d8.5 / 101 180
Best affordable universal DVB tuner1World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S29.1 / 101 600
The best high-end digital tuners1Opticum 4K HD519.5 / 1013 990
2MECOOL KIII PRO9.2 / 1010 990

Best simple DVB-T2 tuners for digital TV

1 203

The latest generation of inexpensive tuners from BBK Electronics. The SMP145HDT2 model is able to receive DVB-T / T2 digital terrestrial television signals, and it catches them quite confidently (better than many built-in receivers) and can also serve as the simplest HD media player. A key feature of the recommended set-top box is multi-channel audio support (AC-3 codec), which is not typical for this price range. As chips, the ability to work with an electronic program guide, recording into the memory of connected devices and the function of deferred viewing (EPG, PVR and TimeShift, respectively) are also claimed. The device is compact and literally packed with ventilation holes, so that overheating does not threaten it. Moreover, the power supply in SMP145HDT2 portable. The main disadvantage of the recommended tuner is a tiny and terribly inconvenient remote control.

Main advantages:
  • multi-channel audio support;
  • good sensitivity;
  • relatively omnivorous media player;
  • An antenna amplifier can be powered from the power supply unit of the tuner;
  • compact size.
  • non-ergonomic remote control;
  • Work with EPG is organized inconveniently;
  • relatively long turn on.
9.0 / 10
At 20 km from the transmitting antenna, the direct visibility to which is completely obscured by buildings under dense building conditions, perfectly catches the signal on a piece of straight wire. During tuning, it is able to display the power and quality of the signal on each individual channel, which will facilitate the installation of the antenna.
1 230

One of the best TV tuners currently on the Russian market. The console has a solid metal case, it removes heat well, which is why the receiver heats up less, and besides, it is non-marking. On the case there are buttons on and off, as well as gear changes. It turns out that in case of loss or breakdown of the control panel, you will not be left with a useless box, but will be able to continue using it.

Main advantages:
  • The prefix supports AC3 and all MKV video files are played correctly.
  • 24-month warranty period
  • The device is quite simple to configure and use.
  • The device responds to signals (commands) from the console a little better than other consoles
  • Very short power cord
  • The console menu needs to be made more user friendly.
  • The prefix hangs for 20 seconds when the channels are switched sequentially, and when it hangs, a random numbering violation occurs.
  • If you receive a signal to a bad antenna, strange starts of the digital signal level begin: oscillations in the range of 0-100% occur
  • Inconvenient remote with small buttons
  • New firmware update has not made any noticeable changes to the operation of the device.
8.5 / 10
I chose a good inexpensive receiver for terrestrial television. Bought this one. The flight is normal.
1 060

The most affordable TV tuner DVB-T2 from a reputable manufacturer. Unlike the more advanced BBK models, the SMP002HDT2 is not able to reproduce multi-channel sound during the operation of the built-in media player. More precisely, the hardware stuffing device for such a feat is quite capable, and the limitation is purely software. The second "loss" - there is no display, which is hardly anyone seriously upset. Other features of the console are comparable to the talents of senior members of the line. For example, it easily allows you to write one TV program on a connected USB flash drive or hard drive and simultaneously watch other channels. Ready to provide power to your antenna amplifier if it has enough voltage of 5 V. Understands the EPG standard and supports TimeShift mode. Even the main disadvantage of this tuner is the same - inconvenient remote. Unfortunately, almost all of the company's latest digital receivers are equipped with this type of remote control.

Main advantages:
  • decent sensitivity;
  • good functionality;
  • able to power low-voltage antenna amplifiers.
  • inconvenient remote control;
  • does not support multi-channel sound.
8.0 / 10
Great small size tuner with nice design. Shows well at two percent signal level. The image does not fray and does not slow down. No problem with the menu.

Top tuners for cable TV and DVB-T2

Oriel 421
1 200

It continues our ranking of the best tuners DVB-T2 Oriel 421. As a rule, cable television providers themselves include publicly available federal channels in all their packages, therefore the advantages of this tuner will manifest themselves at the conditionally nomadic lifestyle. For example, if at home the possibilities of cable TV are used, the reception of a television signal at the cottage can only be organized with the help of an antenna, and you prefer to carry the equipment with you. In the presence of a connected Wi-Fi adapter and Internet access, the Oriel 421 prefix turns into a simplified analogue of a TV box with extremely limited functionality and guest access. However, it allows you to watch YouTube or a free movie in the Megogo online cinema. And if you plug a USB flash drive with a playlist into the second USB port, then the corresponding IPTV resources become available.

It remains to add that the version 421D supports multi-channel sound, and among the additional accessories of the tuner there is a learning remote that can potentially control the TV.

Main advantages:
  • two connection options;
  • pass-through antenna output;
  • good sensitivity;
  • able to broadcast Internet content;
  • useful accessories.
  • limited number of compatible Wi-Fi adapters;
  • reacts to the signals of "someone else's" remote;
  • built-in power supply.
9.2 / 10
He got out of the box, connected the antenna, asked to search for channels ... everything! The best receiver for terrestrial television. I have never seen such a quality of broadcasting ...))))) Taki figure! To the TV tower, 7-8 kilometers. Everything was found and shows, even without turning on the power to the active antenna.
Selenga t81d
1 180

The manufacturer was so confident in the success of this model that he did not hesitate to decorate the Selenga T81D packing box with the “Sales hit” label before the actual start of the latter. It should be recognized that the company had certain reasons for optimism. Good noiseproof tuner stuffing; pass-through antenna input; multi-channel audio support; If you count the Internet, three connection options - and all this at a very attractive price. In addition, the device can write to a USB flash drive, although it needs the selection of the “right” carrier. A good receiver for terrestrial TV. We consider the main drawback of the T81D to be flaws in the firmware part of the “cooperation” with Internet services. Well, the quality of performance is not the highest.

Main advantages:
  • functionality;
  • pass-through antenna input;
  • good sensitivity of the tuner;
  • tempting price tag.
  • there are problems with YouTube and IPTV;
  • you can not write one channel, and watch another;
  • plastic case.
8.5 / 10
Good TV tuner, quickly and easily found DVB-T2 and DVB-C. Writing to the USB flash drive works immediately and on schedule.

Best affordable universal DVB tuner

World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2
1 600

Ultra-budget combined digital set-top box with two TV tuners. The ether-cable part allows you to organize the reception of signals according to the standards of DVB-T / T2 or DVB-C and nothing special stands out from the competition. In this sense, a satellite receiver is even more interesting because it supports T2-MI transponders, which are formally intended for regional providers. In fact, the recommended model allows using the “dish” to receive the same digital terrestrial channels and can be useful at great distances from the TV tower, as well as in difficult terrain. And without any additional costs or effort. Naturally, the "ordinary" satellite channels Foros Combo catches no less successful and the only question is in the organization of access to their content. Well, with the Internet capabilities, everything is in order, you just need to connect the appropriate Wi-Fi adapter.

Main advantages:
  • four options for obtaining content;
  • support DVB-T2-MI;
  • 3 ways to download playlists;
  • the potential to use external cards and key emulation.
  • modest amounts of memory;
  • limited number of compatible Wi-Fi adapters;
  • No separate RCA connectors.
9.1 / 10
For the price of a standard set-top box, you get the reception of the on-air digit and satellite! Opens channels in BISS encoding, it is possible to view multiplexes in the T2-MI standard.

The best high-end digital tuners

Opticum 4K HD51
13 990

Full-featured modular satellite receiver. Its main tuner understands DVB-S / S2 / S2X standards, i.e. able to receive any channels, including those broadcasting on which is in 4K / UHD formats. Antenna management here can be carried out on several versions of the DiSEqC protocol. The device is equipped with a universal card reader and a slot CI +. It is considered in our review of the best TV tuners, since the Opticum 4K HD51 has a second slot that allows you to install an additional DVB-T2 / C selector for receiving over-the-air channels. And if you use all the expansion options - the output will be a good, versatile "combine" with a powerful filling, hard disk and high-speed network interface.

Unfortunately, the recommended device is not among those set-top boxes that are properly connected to antennas, television and acoustic equipment.

Main advantages:
  • universal modular design;
  • modern productive stuffing;
  • support of all current standards and protocols;
  • Excellent support and active community.
  • far from the simplest setup;
  • solid price tag.
9.5 / 10
I compared the quality of the OPTICUM 4K HD51 and Extrend ET 5000 images. Two identical images, the same plugins - you can barely see the difference on the 32nd panel, but on the 50 "plasma you can immediately see the quality of the optical image. SD.
10 990

In this set-top box, the leading part is played by Android, which actively uses all available Internet resources. YouTube, IPTV, torrents, a variety of online resources, games, convenience, quality and free of charge are concentrated in an extremely compact package MECOOL KIII PRO. Nevertheless, there was a place in it for a combined tuner that supports the DVB-C / T / T2 / S / S2 standards, i.e. all existing types of modern digital television. Moreover, the device is ready to control a motorized satellite antenna. Another thing is that it does not work to unleash the full potential of this universal digital set-top box without shamanism with firmware, but it also needs to be improved by the standard cooling system.

Main advantages:
  • universality and omnivorous;
  • large and active user community.
  • in the out of the box state, the functionality is limited;
  • Requires refinement of the cooling system.
9.2 / 10
TV channels, in terms of image quality, are comparable with the Dreambox800HD (maybe even a bit clearer picture on mecool). Of course, Enigma2 on the Dreambox is more powerful in terms of functionality, but you quickly get used to the Kodi interface. In general, all in one - very comfortable and functional.

Which TV tuner is better to choose?

Standard DVB-T2 is the most budget and simple to organize. Yes, the received channels are not enough and there is no super-clear picture. But there is no subscription fee, and you can use such a tuner almost anywhere.

Cable Receivers accept much more programs, but they are “tied” to the existing infrastructure.

Satellite consoles tele-horizon is expanded even more, and the main problem of such devices is the closeness of the majority of received channels.

Have a good shopping!

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