10 best voice recorders

Record the sounds of life

Dictaphone is a necessary and even necessary thing for some professions. Do you remember the old models of tape recorders, which looked more like a tape recorder? Then they turned into compact devices with small cassettes. But now the voice recording takes place through digital technology, which ensures the safety of materials. And the dictaphones themselves now have screens on which you can view your recordings and choose what you want to listen to. We have compiled a ranking of the best voice recorders that will help you realize your plans.

If you need this device, then when you buy it is worth paying attention to several factors:

  • recording duration;
  • quality and format of the sound file;
  • additional functions of the device;
  • Is the recorder connected to a PC?
  • the desired dimensions of the model.

Of the additional options, we immediately note the function voice activation. She has both advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to this option, the recording will start with the first sound of speech - this saves space on the memory card, as long pauses in the dialogue / monologue are not recorded. But a minus function is that the first sounds of the recording can be “eaten”. It should be taken into account, including the activation of the voice on your recorder.

Ranking of the best dictaphones 2018 - 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best voice recorders for recording music1Tascam DR-0510 / 109 547
2Zoom h69.9 / 1029 990
3Olympus LS-P19.5 / 108 590
The best semi-professional voice recorders1Tascam DR-70D10 / 1028 080
2Zoom h19.9 / 107 956
Best voice recorders for business1Edic-mini Ray A36-300h9.9 / 1011 495
The best voice recorders for recording lectures1Sony ICD-PX3709.8 / 104 850
2Sony ICD-UX5609.6 / 107 955
3Ritmix RR-810 8Gb9.5 / 102 840
The best inexpensive voice recorders1Olympus VN-540PC9.9 / 103 216
2Ritmix RR-610 4Gb9.7 / 102 300

Best voice recorders for recording music

Tascam DR-05
9 547
Features Tascam DR-05: recording stereo sound, great for recording music, can be mounted on a tripod. The recorder looks very solid and professional. I think it is not necessary to explain that the main thing in the recorder is the quality of the recording, which is at a high level here. It does not have its own memory, since the recording takes place directly on the microSD card. There is nothing superfluous. Powered by 2 AA batteries.
Main advantages:
  • In the case of this device, there is even nothing to add - a perfect device.
  • not.
10 / 10
The device is excellent! I use it for recording rehearsals in a group, the quality of the recording is at a height! With the limiter function, you can safely write live drums without fear of overloading! The intelligibility in the recorded material was surprisingly pleased: everything is audible! 5 minutes was enough to study it.
Zoom h6
29 990

The portable recorder from Zoom today is the top model in the manufacturer's lineup. The recorder supports six-channel recording, although with a number of restrictions on the use of channels (read the instructions carefully, so that there are no questions later!), It has four balanced inputs with phantom power for external microphones, and linear input / output for standard 3.5 mm jacks. Thus, the choice of configuration options for recording here is more than sufficient, and the sampling frequency of 96 kHz with 24-bit audio coding provides high quality sound. If desired, Zoom H6 can even be used to record one man group, repeating Vidar Vojer (Ildjarn) with his famous four-track tape recorder in the forest.

Compared with the previous H5 model, not only the number of recording channels increased (from 4 to 6) and the autonomy of work (21 hours against 15 on one set of batteries), but also the opportunity to power the recorder from a USB port: you can record it by connecting it to a power bank. sound at least 24 hours a day. Another great feature that is activated in the menu is parallel recording with 6 dB attenuation - loud sounds that can overload the recording at current settings will be stored in the backup without distortion.

Small dimensions caused only one noticeable drawback: a compact display is not very convenient when you have to work in the menu. And do not forget that the plastic case does not shield the internal preamps: turn off the phone when recording so as not to spoil it with characteristic trills.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience of multichannel recording from various sources
  • Softtouch coating
  • Excellent battery life
  • Hard binding of inputs to channels
9.9 / 10
The best voice recorder for recording music, we constantly use it at rehearsals, we also write demos to it - you can do it well in the garage, and not pay the studio. Complete license for Steinberg WaveLab!
Olympus LS-P1
8 590

The compact recorder weighs only 75 grams, and this is with the AAA battery installed (by the way, take it with you right away - it will “suck out” one battery quickly enough). Therefore, it will be of interest primarily to those who often have to carry something like this with them. The case, we note, metal - this is a plus for both practicality and reduction of radio interference reaching the sound path.

As befits a device of this type, two microphones are used here for recording stereo sound. But, unlike the "advanced" models, where their direction can be changed at will, here the microphones are rigidly fixed, which immediately gives the entry-level model.

It is difficult to find fault with the recording quality of a dictaphone - a good dynamic range, worthy of the sensitivity of microphones, is quite sufficient for recording music, unless of course you are in Grighallen. The recording format is MP3. There are manual adjustments to the sensitivity of the microphones, and it is really useful - the standard automatic gain control function is only suitable for speech, it will “lick” the music, like a normalizer in the hands of a schoolboy who discovered Fruity Loops.

The most noticeable deficiency in this model is the insufficient sound insulation of the microphones from the case, the sounds of touching the keys, the friction on the case can be clearly heard on the recording.

Main advantages:
  • Compactness
  • Metal case
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • Weak sound insulation of microphones from the body
9.5 / 10
So, purely for rehearsals - it is normal, small, and in the guitar case it will not accidentally break, the body is durable.

The best semi-professional voice recorders

Tascam DR-70D
28 080

The device came out very specific, in a habitual image of a dictaphone even not really fitting. However, the presence of a tripod thread on it immediately indicates its main purpose - recording multichannel (up to 4 channels) sound during video filming, and first of all - on cameras deprived of their own wide possibilities of working with sound. Therefore, in fact, the "semi-professional" status. At the same time, audio is digitized in formats up to 24 bit / 96 kHz, the recording quality can be adjusted individually by channels.

And what can you use to record sound? Get ready to bend your fingers. Two capsules for stereo recording are already built into the device itself, but there are also four combo jacks for XLR microphones (phantom power is set to 24 V or 48 V) or TRS 6.3 mm source sources, 3.5 line inputs mm, Camera in / out connectors, the use of which will make it easy to superimpose the sound recorded on the recorder onto the captured video. Built-in mixer allows you to vary the settings and switching recording channels.

Recording is done without compression, either in the WAV format (standard stereo signal) or in its own BWF - all 4 channels in one file. However, the four-channel sound is much more convenient to write to the supported WAV software - in this case, 1-2 channels are combined in one file, 3-4 - in another.

Main advantages:
  • Ability to install above and below the camera
  • Flexible recording settings
  • High quality built-in microphones
  • Generate SLATE signal for synchronization
  • Ability to connect any condenser microphones
  • It is not possible to use microphones with a “jack” 6.3, since the inputs in the combo connectors are designed for a linear signal level
10 / 10
With this thing you can already seriously work with videos using a digital camera. Much more profitable than buying a video camera of comparable recording quality!
Zoom h1
7 956
Zoom H1 is a high-quality voice recorder from the manufacturer, for which recording and sound processing is a business mission. Highly sensitive XY microphones provide high definition and depth stereo recording in WAV and MP3 format. High maximum frequency response, comfortable operation, backlit LCD display, support for memory cards up to 32 Gb, built-in speaker, auxiliary microphone input, stereo line-out, USB interface for connecting to a PC, a low-pass and high-pass filter, a track marker function Here is an incomplete list of the technical characteristics of this recorder. The device’s functionality is complemented by a two-gigabit memory card in the kit, an AA-size battery with a ten-hour life and the possibility of using a voice recorder as a regular USB flash drive.
Main advantages:
  • X / Y microphone configuration;
  • sensitivity adjustment;
  • variation in recording quality;
  • ease of connection to a computer;
  • the ability to connect an additional microphone;
  • convenient placement of control keys;
  • excellent signal / noise ratio;
  • the ability to use as a sound card;
  • interesting design;
  • adequate price.
  • plastic case;
  • lack of wind protection;
  • appearance of noise at very high sensitivity.
9.9 / 10
A good mini recording studio. Compact, comfortable to use, sound quality, sensitivity at height, writes mp3 with any bitrate. Recorded a bunch of lectures, reviews, seminars. You can buy a windshield and record concerts in the open air. He would have a metal case to look stronger, although the plastic is decent.

Best voice recorders for business

Edic-mini Ray A36-300h
11 495

The metal case "Edika" extremely minimalistic and perfectly fit into the business style. It is especially pleasant that this dictaphone was developed and produced in Russia by the Zelenograd-based company TeleSystems, while at the same time it will compete with world leaders in terms of the “stuffing”.

The main feature of this model is the programmatic tuning of the radiation pattern: no need to “catch” the direction to the sound source, eight built-in microphones will allow you to write the same quality sound in any direction and in any desired coverage area. The technology of directional formation here is similar to that used in the active phased grids of aircraft radar - while remaining stationary, the device can “turn the ear” in any desired direction. Sound can be recorded in RAW-format (all microphones are processed in parallel, you can select a specific sector of space using proprietary utilities on a PC), in two stereo modes (recording from two microphones or from two groups of 4 microphones), with the summation of the signal of 8 microphones into one channel and in power saving mode when only one microphone is working.

There are also no complaints about the autonomy of the model - the figure “300” in the marking means that the built-in lithium-polymer battery can withstand up to 300 hours of continuous recording, and it charges very quickly via USB. Records of the dictaphone are supplemented with special authenticity marks guaranteeing that the recording from it has not been edited: they can be taken as evidence in court after appropriate examination at the EEC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which other dictaphones cannot boast.

Main advantages:
  • Ultra compact sizes
  • The unique technology of setting the recording direction
  • Ability to update firmware
  • Modern Li-Pol battery
  • Small screen
9.9 / 10
The ability to allocate a voice recording of each speaker, even if they are in different places - this is something I did not have enough before!

The best voice recorders for recording lectures

Sony ICD-PX370
4 850

The popular compact voice recorder PX333 received an update. The model with index 370 has built-in 4 GB memory, expandable by microSD card, but the memory card is hardly needed - in the “economical” digitization mode of the 48 kbit / s mono channel the built-in memory fits up to 159 hours of recording, and the voice activation function makes it easy to exclude unnecessary pauses. In addition, the necessary files can be easily transferred to a computer via USB.

Of the interesting features of the model, we note the possibility of setting programmed recording scenes. In fact, this changes the settings of the digitization algorithm, which filter out extraneous sounds and determine the frequency bandwidth - in the “Collection” mode, the noise is cut more strongly, and the band is narrower (settings for human speech) than in the “Music” mode.

In this case, the 370th model is even cheaper than the already well-known 333rd. Of course, the manufacturer went to certain sacrifices (removing, in particular, the built-in speaker), but in terms of price / quality / functionality, the PX370 recorder is one of the best, and saving money to a student will not be superfluous.

Main advantages:
  • Compactness
  • Long work on one set of AA batteries
  • Good noise filtering, and customizable
  • Listening to recordings only through headphones
9.8 / 10
The most it is for recording lectures, do not need to be distracted by the cursive - you listen to the teacher, writing down only formulas with your hands. It is much easier then to understand.
Sony ICD-UX560
7 955

The very case when the "older" model is inferior in the rating of the "younger" precisely because of the price. Nevertheless, the dictaphone itself is good both cleanly (in design and assembly) and in characteristics.

Refusing to finally use AA batteries in favor of a non-removable lithium-ionnik, the manufacturer made the recorder very light and compact - for a man's hand, perhaps, even too compact. To connect to a computer or a power bank, you don’t even need a power cord - the standard USB-A “dad” extends straight out of the case, like some flash drives. If we take into account that the voice recorder supports fast charging and in 3 minutes is able to gain enough energy for an hour of work, the use of the built-in battery doesn’t hamper the possibilities.

Settings allow you to independently set the type of focus - narrowband or broadband, which is useful both for conferences and for teachers who like to pace back and forth around the audience. Recording is carried out in MP3 format on the built-in memory (4 GB) or additionally installed flash card.

In short, the recorder really came out comfortable, functional and high-quality. However, its price can force many to look in the direction of more affordable models: when, when, and in their student years to spend a few thousand there is always what.

Main advantages:
  • Recording quality
  • Good autonomy on a single charge plus support quick charge
  • Compact and light weight
  • Overpayment for constructive "chips", but not the quality of the implementation of the most important functions
9.6 / 10
Conveniently, there is no need to carry anything else - and it charges, and transfers data without a cord. Itself very easy, does not hinder at all.
Ritmix RR-810 8Gb
2 840

Due to the low price, this recorder deserves its share of attention, and the lack of the possibility of changing memory cards in it is more than compensated by 8 gigabytes of internal memory, which can hold almost 600 hours of recording in a low bitrate (32 kbps). The 4 GB memory option is a bit cheaper, so it’s worth paying for the double increase in volume.

All that is required to record lectures is in this voice recorder - both the sensitivity setting, noise filtering, and even the lavalier microphone are added to the kit. Automatic start of recording by voice sounds has a good reaction speed, without “eating” the beginning of speech. Recording is done in the WAV format instead of the standard MP3 for dictaphones - this “eats up” the memory, but there are no losses on a small bitrate, which is a known problem for MP3 codecs. Play the same voice recorder can MP3, and WMA, so that, together with headphones, it can work and player.

Another interesting feature of the model is the ability to switch to the hearing aid mode.This is useful rather to lovers of sitting in the back rows than to people with impaired hearing, at least if you use the complete headphones. Strange only the decision of the manufacturer to disable the ability to record in the hearing aid mode - we still have first of all a voice recorder.

Main advantages:
  • Rich equipment
  • Large memory
  • Few settings compared to more expensive models.
9.5 / 10
A good budget voice recorder, your money works out for one hundred percent.

The best inexpensive voice recorders

Olympus VN-540PC
3 216

Further in our ranking of the best dictaphones is one of the most affordable "Olympus". This is a “purely speech” model, due to the use of single-channel digitization with a reduced bandwidth, which can fit 4 GB to 495 hours of recording in internal memory (and this is still without using the “most economical” digitization mode). So the lack of the ability to install an SD card here can not be called a disadvantage: try to fill the built-in first!

The power source is two ordinary AAA batteries, which last up to 52 hours of operation. You can connect an external microphone, which can improve the quality of the recording, if the built-in noise reduction function does not cope with its work. By the way, she has one funny thing - noise reduction can be turned on or off only in the standby or playback mode, but not in the recording mode. But the recording itself can be switched on instantly, even if the voice recorder is turned off - just click on the REC slider, and the voice recorder will immediately turn on, immediately starting recording.

Main advantages:
  • Good recording quality
  • Convenience to quickly start recording
  • Decent autonomy
  • The limit on the number of files in a folder is not always convenient.
9.9 / 10
A good voice recorder from a famous manufacturer, and the price is quite decent. I use often, arranges for one hundred percent.
Ritmix RR-610 4Gb
2 300

With the extended USB connector, the RR-610 can be confused with a regular USB flash drive - the voice recorder's case is very small, and thanks to the use of a lithium-polymer battery, it weighs only 35 g. . Of course, I would like a higher-quality microphone, but in such dimensions it would be difficult to enter something besides the usual primer on cell phones.

If necessary, you can expand the memory card microSD, and the ability to play MP-3 and receive FM-radio can be useful on the road. The voice recorder can be activated by voice or timer, although the speed of the autostart reaction would have been better - perhaps the microphone noise cancellation algorithm is to blame, which creates a noticeable delay in processing.

Main advantages:
  • Compactness
  • Expandable memory
  • Li-Po battery
  • Very small screen
  • Narrow-focus microphone with short “range”
9.7 / 10
There are essentially three in one - a flash drive, a voice recorder, and a player. I would write more legibly out of my pocket - I would be directly "spy".

Which recorder is better to buy?

When you decide to buy a voice recorder, be sure to check all the functions and recording quality you need right in the store. Do not be afraid to ask the seller for instructions and carefully study it. Be sure to compare several models. After all, when there is a choice, you better see the advantages and disadvantages of devices. Happy shopping!

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