10 best electric boilers

The most reliable, high quality and economical

The electric boiler is the best solution for heating country houses if it is impossible to bring gas to the village. And this happens quite often. Gas is cheaper, but not everyone decides to contact gas cylinders. Electric boilers are safe, and when used properly, they consume electricity very economically.

How to choose a good electric boiler?

When choosing an electric heating boiler, it is important to consider the following criteria:


The most primitive method of selecting this parameter is 1 kW per 10 m². For a more accurate and correct calculation, special tables and formulas are used, taking into account the heat losses from doors and windows, the volume (and not the area) of the room, seasonal or regional factors. All this is available on the Internet.


Depending on the model, electric boilers can be equipped with a circulation pump, an expansion tank, a room thermostat and other useful elements. As a last resort, you need to make sure that additional connections are possible. For example, a boiler for getting more and hot water.

Energy efficiency

An important indicator in the light of the fact that many models of electric coils, with similar other characteristics, can “wind the counter” in different ways. Often, initially, the more expensive models in the end quickly enough are noticeably more profitable due to the optimization of electricity consumption.

Electric heating boiler which company is better?

The greatest interest among buyers is caused by electric boilers of the following manufacturers:

  • Rotherm
  • Vaillant
  • Kospel
  • Buderus

As well as domestic boilers firms EVAN, ZOTA and RusNIT. We will tell you more about the popular models of electric boilers.

Ranking of the best household electric heating boilers 2017-2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap electric boilers1RusNIT 208M9.8 / 1016 530
2EVAN Warmos-IV-59.6 / 1018 440
3EVAN EPO 49.3 / 109 690
The best electric boilers of average power for the home1Protherm Skat 12 KR 139.9 / 1039 200
2Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 129.8 / 1044 284
3Buderus Logamax E213-109.8 / 109 690
4Kospel EKCO. L2 129.7 / 1048 500
The best powerful electric boilers for large rooms1Protherm Skat 24 KR 139.9 / 1045 500
2Evan Warmos QX-189.8 / 1049 800
3ZOTA 24 Lux9.7 / 1029 200

Best cheap electric boilers

RusNIT 208M
16 530

Compact and lightweight electric boiler domestic production for wall placement. It can be used as a primary or backup heating device for residential buildings, summer houses, various household premises of up to 80 m². Heating elements (TEN) and the main heat exchanger are made of stainless steel.

Three-stage power control - 30, 60 or 100%. The air temperature in the room is maintained in the range from 5 to 30 ° C, corrected with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. The boiler is able to work in networks and 220, and 380 volts. The heat carrier may be water or antifreeze.

The safety of RusNit 208M is provided by a thermal switch preventing the liquid from heating above 90 degrees, with a level sensor to protect against switching on when the system is empty. Splash-proof design allows you to install the device in the bathroom.

Main advantages:
  • Relatively low price;
  • Ready to connect the circulation pump;
  • The sensor of the maximum temperature of the heat carrier with adjustment from 35 to 85 ° C;
  • Factory warranty - 2 years.
  • Power selection is not automatic;
  • Somewhat “confused” electrical connection.
9.8 / 10
The overall impression of the boiler is positive. Small, convenient, works without any problems. The magnetic starter is buzzing and you will have to tinker a bit with the installation, but in general everything is fine.
EVAN Warmos-IV-5
18 440

Inexpensive, but at the same time technological and functional electric boiler with a perfectly implemented security system. The device is made in a modern design, equipped with a display for displaying installations and emergency codes, compact, easy to install.

The capacity is not particularly large, but for smaller houses or city apartments with an area of ​​up to 51 m², it will be more than enough. System settings - speed. The coolant temperature is maintained in the range from 5 to 85 ° C, so the boiler is compatible with the “warm floor” systems, and for summer houses or country houses there is an actual “anti-freezing” mode.

Warmos-IV-5 is notable for its excellent efficiency and quite economical (efficiency is 99%). In addition, the device is well adapted for domestic power grids, its working voltage is 160-260 volts. In a design high-quality TENY from stainless steel Backer are used.

Main advantages:
  • Stylish design, compactness;
  • The possibility of using as a coolant both water and non-freezing liquids;
  • 3 steps of power limitation;
  • Temperature adjustment with an accuracy of 1 degree.
  • There is no circulation pump in the kit (there is a block for connecting it);
  • Low power.
9.6 / 10
Very good electric boiler, especially for the price. It looks on the wall quite aesthetically pleasing, controlled easily and simply. There is an automatic choice of the required number of heating medium heating levels.
9 690

Floor-mounted electric boiler, easily refuting the view that models with this method of installation are cumbersome and expensive. In this case, everything is exactly the opposite. EVAN EPO 4 is very compact, and its main advantage is an affordable price. The last factor is due to the lack of an external enclosure, and the boiler itself and the control unit are separated.

Smooth adjustment of heating medium temperature from 30 to 85 ° С is provided. In addition, it is possible to connect an external remote control to set the air temperature, which can also be a remote GSM-Climate module. In the construction of boilers EVAN traditionally used heating elements made of stainless steel Backer.

Power of 4 kW is best positioned EVAN EPO 4, as a source of heat for the country, an apartment or a small office. Safety is maintained by means of a thermostat that shuts off the boiler when the specified temperature is exceeded, and in case of a malfunction, there is an emergency switch that operates when the coolant heats above 92 ° C.

Main advantages:
  • Attractive price;
  • Optional control via GSM network;
  • Work from a single-phase network;
  • Efficiency - 99%.
  • No heat shield;
  • Low power.
9.3 / 10
Simple and quite inexpensive boiler of quite decent quality. Not bad manifests itself in a set with "warm floors". Good TENY from "stainless steel". I'm thinking about purchasing a model of the same series to the country.

The best electric boilers of average power for the home

Protherm Skat 12 KR 13
39 200

PROTHERM Skat - one of the best and most reliable electric boilers for the home. Suitable for space heating up to 120 m2. Reliable, low noise (in the rooms can not be heard). There are practically no negative reviews about Protherm electric boilers. If the room is well insulated, then electricity will spend a little. To maintain a comfortable temperature, the first heating stage is sufficient. But if you want to warm up the house from scratch, be prepared for a decent power consumption.

Main advantages:
  • looks good on the wall
  • takes up little space
  • easy to install, no special skills required
  • easy to manage
  • there is a pressure sensor
  • can connect external temperature sensor
  • overheating emergency shutdown system
  • broad tank of 7 l
  • frost protection
  • function of smooth increase in power
  • temperature range (heating) from 40 to 85 ° С
  • can connect an external boiler for hot water
  • has high efficiency (99,5)
  • high energy costs
  • for getting hot water you need an external boiler
  • it is necessary to additionally install a voltage regulator
9.9 / 10
Electric boiler PROTHERM Skat husband installed himself. On the wall looks great. Since he has three heating stages, when I need to heat up quickly in the house, I put full power. Batteries become hot in a few minutes. In the spring and in the autumn I put 1 or 2 step, this is enough.
Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12
44 284

Simple, elegant, neat, energy-efficient - these words describe an electric heating boiler from the Vaillant Elobloc series. There are no many complex buttons and settings. Just one key! So this electric boiler is best suited for people who are “not friends” with appliances. Even a child will cope (although it is better to keep children away from heating). Recommended for heating rooms with a total area of ​​120 m2.

Main advantages:
  • microprocessor control ensures accuracy
  • Convenient backlit LCD display
  • smooth power management increases service life
  • built-in weather-dependent control
  • remote control possible
  • 2 heating elements (6 kW each)
  • can be used in systems "warm floor"
  • frost protection
  • summer mode
  • broad tank of 7 l
  • need to connect a voltage regulator
  • to get hot water need a boiler (not included)
  • expensive components.
9.8 / 10
Vaylantovskoe quality in advertising does not need. Excellent automation. Build quality raises no objections. I recommend to all my customers - this is the best electric boiler for home heating.
Buderus Logamax E213-10
9 690

Products of the famous German brand are traditionally distinguished by high quality, reliability and durability, and in the case of the Logamax E213 series, it is also very stylish modern design, compactness. Considering that the boiler in question is intended for wall mounting, it can be easily installed both in the utility room and in the residential part of the house without the slightest damage to the interior.

Buderus Logamax E213-10 has a capacity of 10 kW, equipped with a 7-liter expansion tank, circulation pump, safety valve and pressure control sensor. You can control the temperature using a boiler thermostat on the front panel or with a plug room. Plus there is also a blocking sensor that protects the case from overheating.

An important clarification: the German technology is traditionally designed for a stable voltage in the power grid, which is usually not in a state to boast about. Therefore, in order to avoid breakdowns and frequent repairs is not cheap equipment, it is better to use a stabilizer.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality assembly and materials;
  • Small weight and dimensions;
  • Easy installation (brackets included);
  • Steel body with good thermal insulation.
  • High price.
9.8 / 10
The boiler is really cool and high quality. He hung right in the kitchen, he looks very good and takes up very little space. I have a voltage stabilizing unit in my house, there is no problem for 1.5 years and is not expected.
Kospel EKCO. L2 12
48 500

Wall-mounted electric boiler from a well-known Polish manufacturer, designed for installation in heating systems of houses, villas or household premises up to 120 m². The device has a nice design, compact size, is compatible with indirect heating boilers to ensure hot water supply.

Kospel EKCO L2 12 is equipped with a room temperature controller, a circulation pump with automatic control of operation, and a pressure gauge. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel. Safety is maintained by overheating and freezing protection systems; a blocking thermostat will stop powering in case of emergency situations.

The power control unit is created on the basis of semiconductor switch-on elements ensuring silent and efficient operation of the boiler. Adjustment - smooth 6-speed. The temperature of the coolant can vary in the range from 20 to 85 ° C. Power supply - 380 volts, operating pressure in the system - 3 bar.

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price;
  • Compactness and small weight (18 kg);
  • High efficiency - 99.4%;
  • Electronic microprocessor control system.
  • No expansion tank (alternative to EKCO LN2 12);
  • Warranty period is only 12 months.
9.7 / 10
The model is not particularly expensive, but efficient and quiet with convenient controls. Going directly to Poland, and this is some kind, and Europe. We bought this boiler immediately with the boiler, while everyone is happy.

The best powerful electric boilers for large rooms

Protherm Skat 24 KR 13
45 500

One of the best high-performance electric boilers can safely recognize the device from the Czech brand with a capacity of 24 kW. This single-wall model is reliable, functional and safe in operation. There will be no problems with the placement, thanks to a concise and compact design. It is possible to connect the system "warm floor", a boiler for hot water.

The model is equipped with a 7-liter expansion tank, copper heating elements and a circulating pump. Electronic control with on-display, thermometer and display. 4 power levels available. The temperature of the coolant is regulated in the range of 30-85 ° C. Food is carried out from a three-phase network of 380 volts.

The security system will protect against overheating, blocking the pump, there is a safety valve, air vent. Additionally available: freeze prevention mode, self-diagnosis.

Main advantages:
  • High efficiency - 99.5%;
  • Soft start function;
  • High-quality European assembly - Slovakia;
  • Warranty - 2 years.
  • To protect the electronics you need a voltage regulator;
  • The work of the boiler is not called silent.
9.9 / 10
I like the products of the Czech manufacturer Protherm for good quality and convenience. Boiler Skat took to the cottage for "no gas yet", then it will be backed up. The functionality at the height of the house warmed up quickly and efficiently.
Evan Warmos QX-18
49 800

The best among the powerful electric boilers of Russian production. It can be safely called a mini-boiler room: heating elements (material - stainless steel), a diaphragm expansion tank, a circulation pump are assembled in one case - all this saves space during installation and reduces time. The LCD display is located at the bottom of the case. The convenient control panel is hidden behind a special door. The microprocessor controls the operation, the control is fully automatic, but you can put the device in manual mode and adjust all the parameters to your taste and needs. It works stably when the voltage drops, but still it is better to connect the boiler through a stabilizer. Versatile. Suitable for heating residential premises (houses, apartments) and industrial facilities (warehouses, shops, etc.)

Main advantages:
  • works quietly
  • built-in expansion tank 12 l
  • 3 steps of power control
  • microprocessor control
  • smooth power adjustment
  • control panel at the bottom of the case
  • thermostat (adjustment of air temperature for 7 days)
  • manual adjustment mode available
  • built-in pump
  • overheat protection, short circuit protection
  • coolant level sensor
  • pressure meter
  • indication of an emergency condition (light, sound).
  • bulky and heavy
  • weak point - capacitor
  • Be sure to install a voltage regulator
9.8 / 10
Bought Varmos, put in the country parallel to the old solid fuel. Elementary installation. Has been working for 5 years, there are no problems.
ZOTA 24 Lux
29 200

A truly powerful boiler, which is “on the shoulder” by heating rather big cottages or industrial premises with a total area of ​​up to 240 m². With fairly decent capabilities, this domestic product has a very reasonable price, compact, easy to operate and maintain.

The air temperature in the room is maintained in the range from 5 to 35 ° C.For the heat carrier smooth adjustment from 30 to 90 ° С is available and, accordingly, the boiler can be used with “warm floors”. The intelligent control circuit due to the automatic selection of the power mode allows you to effectively maintain the desired temperature and significantly save energy.

It feeds Zota Lux 24 strictly from 380 volts. There is overheat protection, thermostat. The heating elements are made of stainless steel, the working pressure in the system is 6 bar. It is possible to connectGSM-module.

Main advantages:
  • Decent power - 24 kW;
  • Display system operating parameters;
  • Self-diagnosis of faults;
  • Efficiency - 99%.
  • Despite the stated operating voltage of 160-240 V, in reality, a stabilizer is needed;
  • Replacing heaters is expensive.
9.7 / 10
Surprisingly, this relatively small wall boiler warms like a "beast." Since precision electronics are used, it is better to protect the device from power surges. We use the second year, everything suits.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric heating boilers


  • Safety and environmental friendliness. In such devices for heating the coolant does not use the combustion process, and, therefore, there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere and there is no need for chimneys.
  • Compact and easy installation. The boiler can be placed in almost any room, including in a residential area (wall models). To connect to a power source is sufficient to have an electrical outlet.
  • Silent operation and durability. Models with electronic control and smooth start do not create additional noise, and the stepwise automatic power setting, depending on the set temperature and alternating switching of heating elements, contributes to an increase in the overall life and economy.
  • High efficiency. The efficiency of electric boilers is usually not less than 93%, and for the best models 99% and higher. Under certain conditions, they can even seriously compete with gas varieties.
  • Convenience of operation and maintenance. Management is simple and straightforward; it can be carried out directly on the boiler panel or with the help of remote room regulators. If a display is available, a self-diagnostic function is usually supported. Easy access to the main components simplifies the repair or replacement of individual elements.


  • High energy costs. Given its high cost, the long-term use of electric boilers of decent power can be a rather expensive pleasure.
  • The need to equip the premises with appropriate communications. Here the ability to connect to three-phase power supply (for varieties with a capacity of 12 kW), and proper selection of the cable section, the availability of correct machines, and protection against voltage surges are important.

For some reason, in private households, networks are most often characterized by instability, which is the most common cause of failure of electronic circuit boards and even heating elements.

Summarize. Which electric boiler is better to buy?

There are a lot of rumors about electric boilers - they say it’s expensive, and they often break even. But these problems are easy to prevent. It is enough to carefully insulate your house (to minimize heat loss), put an inlet water filter, perform regular maintenance and connect the heating boiler through a voltage stabilizer. It is not necessary to constantly keep the device at maximum power. And in this case, you have to pay for electricity much less than it seems. All models of electric boilers mentioned in our rating have stepwise power adjustment, these models are reliable, they have almost no complaints from customers and service technicians. Choose any and keep the heat of your home!

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