10 best gamepads

2019 rating: the best gamepads for PCs from reviews of gamers and experts.

A gamepad as such is usually considered to be a purely console accessory, and for good reason. The mechanics of games on consoles are “sharpened” precisely under manipulators of this type since the time of NES - the same auto-aim in shooters on consoles of the next generations appeared precisely because of the impossibility of precise and fast aiming on a gamepad. But, if you remember how many games are being written either initially cross-platform, or are completely ported to PCs from consoles, it is not surprising that similar manipulators have been connected to the computer for a long time (and the owners of consoles, on the contrary, already acquire keyboards and mice). And more and more PC games in the settings menu receive the Gamepad section (alas, often with the canonical Press X to win instead of the gameplay). Management in them also remains "console", it is convenient with a gamepad. Remember at least the same Skyrim: about the clumsy control from the keyboard did not write, probably only lazy. We will not get involved in the "holy war", arguing that it is more convenient (mouse + keyboard or gamepad) - this is a matter of tastes, and in games with simple mechanics, where a limited set of keys is enough, gamepads have a "right to life." They will be even more convenient in races and flyers without any claims for simulator, and not to call dispensing of gas and angle of rotation a classic WASD a good solution.

Well, with the growing popularity of mobile gaming gamepads and did get a second wind. Use the touchscreen and accelerometer as the only controls - you need to have much more specific tastes than Mr. Gray. That is why more and more gamepads for iOS / Android devices are on sale.

And which gamepad is better to choose? Traditionally we try to figure it out.

Ranking of the best gamepads in 2019 - Top 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap wired PC gamepads1Logitech G Gamepad F3108.9 / 101 725
2Redragon saturn8.7 / 10886
3Thrustmaster Dual Analog 48.5 / 101 678
Best cheap wireless PC gamepads1Logitech Wireless Gamepad F7108.9 / 103 290
2SPEEDLINK XEOX Pro Analog Gamepad - Wireless8.6 / 102 190
Best gamepads for Xbox and PC1Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Elite9.8 / 1010 270
2Microsoft Xbox One Crete Wireless Controller9.5 / 103 570
Top PlayStation gamepads1Sony Dualshock 4 v2 Color9.9 / 103 920
The best gamepads for mobile devices1Xiaomi Feat Black Knight X8pro Gamepad9.6 / 102 950
2SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller9.5 / 106 535

Best cheap wired PC gamepads

Logitech G Gamepad F310
1 725

As a matter of fact, since the advent of Xbox, the version of the best controller for a PC has become quite obvious - in the advantages of Microsoft controllers and normal work with Windows games, and connection to a PC without the need for programs like SCP Toolkit and DS4Windows, as was the case with the old Sony DualShock. That is why we decided in this section of the ranking of the best gamepads to start counting points from a lower value than for Xbox controllers.

In the assets of this model, the brand itself is already something, and the Logitech gaming peripheral is able to do, and user support is universally recognized as one of the best. Ergonomically, the F310 repeats the classic DualShock, but Logitech is much more functional. Firstly, it can work in any games - just flip the gamepad and select the desired mode (DirectInput or XInput) with the switch. Even if the controller is “crooked” in a particular game, you can configure it with the help of proprietary software, creating your own profile for this game. Secondly, it is also compatible with Android TV. And all this at the price of the usual "Chinese", and with a three-year warranty.

However, it was not without drawbacks. For many it will be critical that the gamepad is too small in size - it sits uncomfortably in large hands, reducing comfort during a long game. No vibration feedback - this reduces interactivity. In the same horror (and their similarities) light controller pulsation to the beat of the hero's heartbeat, reacting to what is happening - it seems like a trifle, but how does it affect the immersion in the game! Finally, the jacks are unusually hard, and the backlash of the spider (even if it already becomes an anachronism) somehow does not match the brand's reputation.

Main advantages:
  • Switch between DirectInput / XInput
  • Enough high quality workmanship (but with a few "but")
  • Long warranty
  • No vibration response
  • The cable is weak, there are complaints about its quality
  • The size is not for large brushes
8.9 / 10
The best controller from inexpensive. Although the 710th at the same Logitech, of course, cooler.
Redragon saturn

The niche of universal gamepads from third-party manufacturers now is, for the most part, the most budget segment, and Redragon Saturn represents this class.

According to the location of the governing bodies, Krasndrakon copies the DualShock from the PlayStation, however it supports both DirectInput and XInput. To switch between protocols, use the small slider on the back of the controller. Switching it is inconvenient, but this is done on purpose - a hedge against accidental switching during the game. The cable length is one and a half meters, which is not enough for consoles. Well, and sitting next to the PC is quite convenient.

In general, for such a cheap controller, it is assembled well. Yes, tactile, it is less pleasant than the original gamepads, and flaws of the design of the translucent stick type are immediately noticeable. But, unlike the more expensive "versatile" type Logitech G 310, it has vibration feedback. In addition to the standard keys, an interesting Turbo button is provided here - it works like the Fire button on computer mice, simulating a fast intermittent pressing of a simultaneously held key. This is convenient in games where fast frequent clicks are needed - for example, when firing from non-automatic weapons, it starts to work as an automatic. Well, in the old Call of Duty, such a maneuver allows stationary weapons not to overheat: the temperature of the machine guns grows there with a hard correlation to the length of the key press, and with frequent impulses without losing the rate of fire, the game doesn’t allow the gun to shoot.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price
  • Handlebar vibrators
  • Reasonably good build quality
  • Compared with branded gamepads, stick quality is noticeably worse
8.7 / 10
You can buy purely "to try," plus it can work with new games that support XInput.
Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4
1 678

Ergonomically, this is an obvious reference to the Xbox gamepad. Well, this is a plus - such an arrangement of sticks and crosses, in the opinion of many, is more convenient than on DualShock and its analogues. The ends of the sticks, again “Xboxbox-like”, have indentations, and it is easier to control them with your thumbs than the bulging Sony Old DualShock series.

However, it is worth looking at the trigger, as suspicions begin to creep in - these are ordinary buttons without an “analog”. And yes, we really have a gamepad that only supports DirectInput, which on modern PC games will automatically require an Xbox controller emulator. And this, in fact, led to the fall of Thrustmaster to the very bottom of the rating.

Main advantages:
  • Convenient management
  • High-quality cable with ferrite filter
  • No XInput support
8.5 / 10
I liked it - it feels very close to the native Maykovsky, although it is smaller in size.

Best cheap wireless PC gamepads

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
3 290

If the F310 in the line of Logitech controllers is the “youngest”, then the 710th model is in the top. So there appeared both wireless communication and vibration feedback. The build quality has increased - those claims that we had with the F310 are not relevant for the F710. Is that the hammers too tugovat - it seems, Logitech considers it a proprietary "chip". Communication with the standard USB dongle is of high quality: even if you have problems when playing at a long distance, a special extension cable was placed in the kit for moving the dongle closer to the player. The controller itself is heavier than the standard from the Playstation, it sits well in large hands.

So, perhaps, it is worth thinking twice what gamepad is better to buy - a cheaper wire model or F710. The difference in price, frankly, is not so great, and the gap in convenience and quality is definitely noticeable.

Main advantages:
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Universality (DirectInput / XInput)
  • Tight progress of hammers, which are less convenient than the "Iksboksovskih", and in form
8.9 / 10
High-quality analog gamepad from the Xbox - will go for old games, and for new products. The price is still "tasty".
SPEEDLINK XEOX Pro Analog Gamepad - Wireless
2 190

Our rating of the best gamepads is continued by a clone of the “Ixbox” controller working from the built-in lithium-polymer battery. The DirectInput and XInput protocols are supported, which makes it possible to count on the absence of problems both now and with games that have just been announced. The case is qualitatively assembled, it sits comfortably in the hands. The triggers are more comfortable than “lodzhitekovskys”: they are longer and better controlled by fingers, the move is softer. Provides the function of rapid fire - it is implemented with the Rapid button clamped.

But there are miscalculations. Suffice it to say that the case cover is a well-known soft-touch, which quickly loses its attractive appearance. The standard dongle is larger in size than many flash drives and is not particularly convenient when placed on PC apron. But it is still tolerable ... But the quality problems noted by a number of users are more serious: it is worth buying a gamepad in local stores, and not via the Internet just in case, so much easier with a guarantee. However, in the presence of not the most advanced soldering skills, the “sticking” stick with time can be reanimated on its own, and inexpensively.

Main advantages:
  • Good ergonomics
  • Long work on one charge
  • Versatility
  • Marcoe coating
  • Average quality of sticks and keys
8.6 / 10
The gamepad is good, ergonomically convenient for me, the reaction is normal on sticks. Not the Xbox, but it costs half as much. Plus on one charge, you can play for a long time.

Best gamepads for Xbox and PC

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Elite
10 270

Wireless gamepad with two analog sticks of roads, but compared to the standard Xbox One and Xbox 360 manipulators, it is definitely better. Let's start with the possibility of customization: there are three variants of sticks in the kit - two pairs with flat “caps” (regular and elongated, facilitating precise control) and a pair of dome-shaped a-la DualShock 3. In the same way, you can replace the cross, set up to four lower petals, empowering management. In front of the set of two trigger with the ability to fine-tune and limit travel.

The purpose of all controls can be reassigned "by itself", and the creation of two different profiles and their reassignment "on the fly" from the gamepad itself is provided for. In his hands, he is just great: the ergonomics and build quality of an expensive manipulator were approached with maximum attention. For tactile feedback meet the vibration motors and pulse triggers.

The gamepad works not only on the "X-box", but also natively supported in Windows 10 (which is not surprising, in general). It connects to the PC either with a complete cable, or, with the purchase of a wireless adapter, “over the air”. Power source - two AA batteries. To be honest, the decision is strange: for an accessory of this level it would be more logical to use a modern lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery with the ability to charge during the game. USB port is still there! But Microsoft comes in the modern spirit: do you want a battery? Buy an extra Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.

If you use the crosspiece to move, then the possibility of replacing it with a round “facet” will come in handy: diagonal maneuvers will become easier to do compared to the usual “cross”. In shooters, the presence of stops on the trigger also helps: there is an analog reading of the movement of the trigger to nothing (except if someone makes a full-fledged Steyr AUG simulation, where exactly the stroke of the descent determines the semi-automatic or automatic shooting mode), but the speed of response to pressing not superfluous.

So, it surpasses the regular gamepads in game comfort and fine-tuning capabilities, if not by an order of magnitude, then it’s definitely worth it. Should I buy it? Well, considering the cost of licensed console games, it’s not that expensive.

Main advantages:
  • Workmanship and ergonomics
  • Customization of controls for themselves
  • Rich set of settings
  • Is that the price
9.8 / 10
The best gamepad for the Xbox, plus works perfectly under Win 10 - that is, there is one hundred percent revealed in games, a universal solution!
Microsoft Xbox One Crete Wireless Controller
3 570

Of course, compared to the Elite version, this gamepad is much simpler. It was presented with the Xbox One S console, but is compatible with other models. There is also the ability to connect to a PC in the same way as it was done on the Elite controller. In the last revision, an additional headphone jack appeared - a useful thing for fans to fall apart on the sofa opposite the full-size panel.

For wireless communication uses "almost standard" Bluetooth. That is, with a laptop or PC equipped with any blue tooth adapter version 2.1 and higher, the gamepad will connect without the need for a proprietary adapter, but with one “but”: if Windows 10 is installed on the computer. For previous versions of the OS, you still need a proprietary adapter - well, or you can abandon the wireless connection and connect the gamepad via USB.

In the hands of the controller is good, the controls fall "where necessary." And, if you do not have claims on cyber-sports laurels, the cheaper version of the “elite” version will give way to a few. But the price difference is very pleasant.

Main advantages:
  • Ergonomics
  • Build quality
  • Bluetooth connection to a PC without a proprietary adapter only for Windows 10
9.5 / 10
Suitable universal gamepad for PC and Xbox. Play normally, more convenient than cheap analogues.

Top PlayStation gamepads

Sony Dualshock 4 v2 Color
3 920

The updated “dualshok” has changed slightly, but one cannot say that they updated it “for a tick”. Autonomy increased, and not due to inflating the battery capacity (it has not changed), but due to the improved energy efficiency of the gamepad. When connected via USB to a PC, the gamepad was finally able to receive sound and transmit the signal from the built-in microphone back to the computer. According to Bluetooth, alas, Sony will still need a Sony-branded adapter to work with sound. And, finally, removed the silly glossy areas that on the dark body perfectly collected fingerprints.

But we note that Sony is still crookedly looking at the use of its manipulators, not with the "native" console, but with a PC. This is their fundamental difference from Ixbox - any Xbox-compatible gamepad will work with a PC in all games where the use of a controller with the XInput protocol is provided. But Sony, using DirectInput, forces the game to recognize the controller by a unique identifier. That is, even if work with the first version of Dualshock 4 is provided for in the PC game, it will not detect the controller v2 normally until the developer releases the patch for the new controller's HWID v2.

In general, the controller has retained the usual ergonomics and a set of functions, so that it makes no sense to dwell on them.

Main advantages:
  • Improved autonomy
  • Removed glossy inserts, which were previously in the most prominent and "zaladyvayem" place
  • Traditionally requires crutches for use on a PC
9.9 / 10
Normal controller for Sonya. Lives longer than the regular, although there is no new battery.

The best gamepads for mobile devices

Xiaomi Feat Black Knight X8pro Gamepad
2 950

Who to produce good gamepads for mobile games, if not the manufacturer of smartphones? That’s exactly what Xiaomi thought, though they didn’t produce the gamepad themselves, but gave their own brand of FlyDigi Lab products. This gamepad ergonomically clones the Xbox controller - consider, now it is already a standard thanks to Microsoft. And, as is customary in China, the controller has become a many-in-one device.

Let's start with the main purpose. The smartphone is mounted on a special bracket above the gamepad, models with a diagonal of up to 6.8 inches are supported. Holds the phone securely, and the soft lining insures the case from scratches. The connection is not via an OTG cable, as in cheap controllers for mobile phones (which does not automatically allow playing on smartphones without OTG), but via Bluetooth. The built-in battery lasts a long time - even if you divide the stated 20 hours in two, you get a good figure. If a particular game does not support work with a gamepad, the FlyDigi Gamepad Assistant application will come to the rescue.The main audience of customers is owners of Android smartphones, for iOS, the gamepad works with a very small number of games and with a crutch in the form of a special application (which most likely resulted from the peculiarities of the Apple software and hardware platform).

But the gamepad can work not only with mobile phones. By applying the bundled dongle, you can connect it to the PC as an XInput or DirectInput device. If the PC already has built-in Bluetooth, or the gamepad is connected to the laptop, then the dongle can be completely postponed, but the controller will work only as a DirectInput device. However, when playing on a PC, the lack of accuracy of the sticks is already noticeable and is “not working” in extreme positions, which are absolutely imperceptible in mobile games, but are already noticeable on the big screen.

And finally, the gamepad works in conjunction with smart TVs on Android. At the same time it is good in ergonomics and tactile sensations, quite inexpensive. So why not think about buying?

Main advantages:
  • Versatility
  • Wireless connection
  • Possibility of mapping screen joysticks and buttons in the application to physical controls, if the game does not directly support the gamepad
  • No analog triggers
  • Poor stick accuracy for PC games
9.6 / 10
An interesting thing from Xiaomi ... sorry, FlyDigi. And it works not only with the phone, purely for a mobile phone to buy a gamepad would not.
SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller
6 535

So, with Android, it's clear, but what about the right iOS device? Please, here is a well-known and specific brand for Apple devices in the game environment: the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless gamepad doesn’t look like a Harry Potter broom, but it was made specifically for Apple's Mac and mobile devices, and also supports Apple TV. It even charges not via USB, but with the help of a Lightning connector.

What is "tasty" in it, besides the general quality of production? Let's start with autonomy: a full charge is enough for 40 hours of work, so it’s more like a battery in a smartphone. Buttons work not just on an “on-off” principle, but also allow game developers to program a response to the force of their pressing.

However, there is one nuance determined by the limitations of the Apple API. Externally, the controller repeats the location of the controls of the PlayStation, but, unlike the DualShock, does not provide for clicking on the sticks and vibration feedback. That is, if you are used to the fact that in racing, pressing the stick allows you to instantly turn on the boost, without interrupting control and having the ability to instantly compensate for the rear axle demolition, then you will have to use a separate button. But the SteelSeries is clearly not to blame for this, so we will not lower the rating.

But the complete lack of support for "non-apple" platforms still led to a downgrade: the gamepad is good, but only for fans of the same brand.

Main advantages:
  • Ergonomic shapes, precise sticks
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Work with Apple technology only
9.5 / 10
Now you can fully play on the iPad. And the controller itself is excellent, no complaints.

Which gamepad is better to choose?

Let's start with the story, perhaps. Historically, gaming devices originally used the DirectInput protocol - it was part of DirectX since 1995 and was quite well compliant with the requirements of computer games. But the latest revision of the protocol came out with DirectX 8 in the early 2000s, without changing much.

Although Directinput and provided support for more than enough buttons and analog axes, it had one bottleneck. It is in the assignment of each device its own identifier (Hardware ID) and the lack of standardization of the use of buttons and axes. That is, the game, when launched, polled all DirectInput devices connected to the computer (something like this: foreach (DeviceInstance instance in Manager.GetDevices (DeviceClass.GameControl, EnumDevicesFlags.AttachedOnly)) {...}) and based on the list of received identifiers, determined how to use each one of them. If the developer did not provide for work with a specific HWID (for example, a device released after the game was released), its correct operation could not be guaranteed. Partially helped out by configuring the main settings of the gamepad in the game, and the problem of setting up for themselves very "crookedly" working devices could be solved by proprietary utilities from a manufacturer like Logitech Profiler.

As a result, Microsoft completely abandoned the development of DirectInput, presenting along with the first Xbox and the new protocol Xinput. Any controller that works with the Xbox, could now work with Windows games without dancing with a tambourine, including those models of controllers that were released after the release of a particular game. So, if you choose a gamepad for PC games released over the past decade, the choice of the XInput gamepad is unequivocal, and support for DirectInput devices has now become the lot of only old games for the most part. If you have an Xbox, but you don't forget about PC games, you can use one device both there and there, while retaining all the usual controls. However, for DirectInput-gamepads, ways of emulating Ixbox controllers have already been invented, and it is not necessary to put a favorite and familiar model on the shelf.

As for gamepad devices, what should interest us? First of all - ergonomics: no matter how good the gamepad is, if it doesn’t fall into your hands, you have to reach for the controls, it will spoil the pleasure of the game. Analog axis sticks should clearly hold the “zero” and adequately respond to movement without sudden “brakes” and movement dips on the screen. No-lift triggers (by the way, analog, with the possibility of the game reacting to the trigger move, and not just to the fact of pressing - the prerogative of XInput) are also much nicer, and dosing their course is easier.

Additional petals They will not be superfluous for games where gameplay is harder than short runs between cutscenes. If for console exclusives this is not essential (when developing they rely on a standard set of buttons), then petals will definitely come in handy on a PC. Microsoft even publishes sets of layouts for petals in popular games: in the same Battlefield 1, they can quickly fall to the ground (almost the most frequent action in the game), mark a goal, throw off the first-aid kit, and so on.

And finally, do not forget - the best “hardware” does not replace skill, and with an expensive gamepad no one will insure you against a “drain” to the owner of a cheap mouse and a loose keyboard from South Korea.

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