7 best lamps for drying gel polishes and nails

Ultraviolet for the beauty of nails: choose the best lamp for manicure

Practical and durable gel polish, always up-to-date bio-gel and fashionable colored gels cannot be fixed on the nails without a special lamp. These small, cute devices now "live" not only in beauty salons, but also at home for many craftsmen who want to do a beautiful manicure without extra costs. Let's talk about what kind of lamp for drying nails is better to buy.

Types of lamps for manicure

  • classic UV lamps. Many believe that this type of dryer is becoming obsolete. Indeed, they are bulky, they dry the varnish longer than other, more modern devices, and the bulbs need to be changed on average every six months. However, they also have advantages: such dryers are “omnivorous” (they will polymerise gels for building, gel varnishes, acrylics), are affordable and easy to clean. They are still good for beginning masters and home manicure.
  • LED drying work at the expense of LEDs. Such lamps provide uniform polymerization. In addition, LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are designed for at least 5 years of operation. However, the radiation spectrum of such lamps allows to dry not all types of materials. They are ideal for those masters who work only with gel varnish and biogel.
  • LED + UV combine the advantages of the first two devices. This solution ensures fast and high-quality polymerization of any coatings for shellac and nails. But it must be remembered that UV elements in hybrid devices are also subject to frequent replacement, otherwise the drying efficiency may decrease.
  • CCFL + LED. In them, the led elements are supplemented with a CCFL spiral tube emitting ultraviolet light. It is filled with gas, so it does not heat up, consumes very little electricity and practically does not wear out over time. Such devices are the most advanced, provide fast and effective drying of nails, without requiring replacement of consumables. But they are the most expensive.

The best manufacturers of lamps for drying nails

With the development of the nail service industry, the range of lamps for drying is becoming increasingly wider, and the devices themselves are becoming more and more productive. At the same time, today there is no need to give a lot of money for a good machine, even if it’s about professional drying for the salon.

We divide all manufacturers of lamps for manicure into three groups:

  • high-class professionals focused on status beauty salons. Basically, it is "Americans": OPI, Gelish, CND, Harmony etc. Their lamps for drying nails are expensive and prestigious. However, some of them work well only with the materials of their brand. On the whole, they do not compete with functional, efficient, "omnivorous" and inexpensive devices of Russian and Chinese production.
  • "Middle", lamps which are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for both home and salon use. Basically, these are domestic or Russian-Chinese brands: JessNail, RuNail, Planet Nails, Polaris, Irisk. These also include the British brand. Solomeya. Their advantages are good quality, nice design and the possibility of warranty service. Such lamps for drying nails are most often chosen by beginners and small salons.
  • Many Chinese manufacturers, whose products can be purchased on Aliexpress and similar sites. With the function of drying gel polishes cope well, but they are well, very cheap. However, among the Chinese lamps have their own brand leaders, beating all records in popularity: Sun / Sunuv and Diamond. They are reliable, efficient and affordable, have wide functionality, are purchased for both home and nail salons. They can be bought not only in China, but already in Russia, with warranty service.

Rating lamps for drying gel polish and nail extensions - TOP-7

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best lamps for home manicure and beginner masters1Sunuv Sun9X Plus 18LED UV 36W9.8 / 102 200
2Diamond Quick 36 W CCFL + LED with sensor9.8 / 101 600
3JessNail KUKLA UV Lamp 36 W9.7 / 101 000
4LED-lamp Solomeya Mini Sun 6W9.6 / 101 300
The best lamps for professional manicure1LED UV UV lamp SUN 5X 48W9.9 / 102 100
2Professional Nail 18K 48 W CCFL + LED9.8 / 102 900
3UV-LED 48 Watt Runail9.8 / 103 900

The best lamps for home manicure and beginner masters

Sunuv Sun9X Plus 18LED UV 36W
2 200
The compact and lightweight hybrid lamp in the form of an arch with 18 LEDs provides uniform and fast (30 sec.) Polymerization. There is a display and a timer for 30 and 60 seconds, as well as automatic switching on without a timer for 99 seconds. A feature of the lamp can be considered that it is open - there is no bottom and no back wall. Because of this, it is light and mobile. But you need to make sure that the radiation does not accidentally hit objects that can interact with UV light.
Main advantages:
  • stylish design;

  • low weight and mobility;

  • there is an instruction in Russian;

  • sensor + timer;

  • affordable price.

  • short cord;

  • heats up with prolonged use.

9.8 / 10
The lamp has met all my expectations, it dries perfectly, even complex camouflage, is very convenient in work, beautiful and modern, does not take up much space and is inexpensive for its merits!
Diamond Quick 36 W CCFL + LED with sensor
1 600
The hybrid lamp allows high quality and fast drying of materials such as gel, gel varnish and acrylic. The device is compact and lightweight (560 g), the power cord is long (1.7 m). The total power of 36 watts consists of the power of 1 spiral UV lamp (12 W) and 12 diodes (24 W). A timer for 10, 30 and 60 seconds helps to optimize the drying process of various coatings (can be used without a timer). Thanks to the sensor, the drying starts automatically when the hand enters the device. Optimally dry coating method 4 + 4 + 2. The lamp is of Chinese origin, but its quality is decent.
Main advantages:
  • the best value for money and functionality;

  • original color range;

  • low weight + capacity;

  • convenient timer;

  • touch sensor for auto power;

  • removable bottom;

  • available in Russian online stores.

  • due to its compact size, it is difficult to dry 5 fingers at once.

9.8 / 10
LED and UV - two in one, perfectly dry and gel, and acrylic, and gel varnish, only much faster than a regular UV-lamp! Small but roomy, it fits easily in a purse. Very pleased with the purchase.
JessNail KUKLA UV Lamp 36 W
1 000
The UV lamp of Russian production is ideal for home application of gel varnish and beginner masters. The classic shape of the "tunnel" (allows you to dry all 5 fingers of one hand), 4 UV lamps of 9 watts each, the presence of 2 modes of operation (2 minutes and endless) - this is the necessary minimum for a high-quality gel manicure. Dries all types of UV gels and UV acrylics - this is its main advantage.
Main advantages:
  • it is universal for work with any materials sensitive to an ultraviolet;

  • affordable price;

  • instruction in Russian;

  • timer for 2 min. + endless mode;

  • removable pallet;

  • quality lamps included.

  • no timer for shorter intervals (for example, for drying the base);

  • heavy, bulky (in comparison with led-dryers);

  • dries longer (again in comparison with the led).

9.7 / 10
A good lamp for gel polish for a beginner and one who has nowhere to rush. Unpretentious, obedient and durable, dries everything. For a long time I was my favorite until I bought a led.
LED-lamp Solomeya Mini Sun 6W
1 300
A miniature 6-watt led-lamp from the British brand is designed for the polymerization of any led-materials. Mobile, easily fits in a purse due to the folding design. It works via USB, can be connected to a computer, power-bank, to a power outlet (via an adapter). There are 2 modes - 45 and 60 seconds. A great solution for those who are going to rest. But even at home, the baby shows itself in the best way, because provides high-quality and fast gel lacquer polymerization.
Main advantages:
  • stylish design;

  • extra compact;

  • weight 120 g;

  • work from USB;

  • high-quality drying of compatible coatings;

  • affordable price.

  • no timer for shorter periods of time;

  • too narrow, 5 fingers dry uncomfortable;

  • easy to get a Chinese fake;

  • mains adapter not included.

9.6 / 10
The lamp is very convenient to use! It is not tied to electricity, works great from a power bank, you can take it to rest. When folded it fits in the palm of your hand)). Dries well and quickly - 30-45 seconds. on a layer.

The best lamps for professional manicure

LED UV UV lamp SUN 5X 48W
2 100
Another mega-popular hybrid lamp from China. Equipped with all the necessary functions for different types of gel manicure: a display with a countdown, 4 operating modes (timer for 10, 30 and 60 seconds and automatic mode for 120 seconds), hand input sensor, removable bottom. It is possible to reduce the power at work. Powerful, perfectly dries gel varnishes with high pigmentation and thick layers of gel. Characteristics of the lamp can safely recommend it for a professional manicure.
Main advantages:
  • stylish design and compactness;

  • universal;

  • powerful;

  • sensor and timer;

  • display;

  • does not require lamp replacement;

  • bottom on magnets;

  • high quality cord.

9.9 / 10
Gorgeous powerful lamp for drying nails, which will reduce the time for a manicure at times! Dries in 20-30 seconds any materials, even applied with a thick layer. I did not notice the drawbacks, except that there is no fan.
Professional Nail 18K 48 W CCFL + LED
2 900
Hybrid lamp for beauty salons, with increased power (15 ice-lamps + spiral). Dries all known types of coatings for gel manicure, suitable for complex building, aquarium design and drying thick materials. There is a sensor entering the hand into the device, the bottom of the magnets, 3 timer. The spiral CCFL lamp is protected by a plastic grill from contact with the hand. The peculiarity of the model is a convenient form, well accommodating the whole hand, and a soft rubberized insert on the case for the client's hand. Model dimensional, reliable, designed for stationary use in the offices of nail-masters.
Main advantages:
  • universality;

  • great price;

  • timers + sensor;

  • spaciousness;

  • lamp control turned to the master;

  • protective shield against radiation.

  • no display.

9.8 / 10
The car is serious, very comfortable for both the master and the client. The bottom is metal, removable, there are all the necessary "chips" and even more. 2 years working, no complaints!
UV-LED 48 Watt Runail
3 900
Decent domestic nail dryer, created by modern standards, perfectly polymerizes all types of UV and led materials. Light sources - 1 12-watt UV lamp + 36 LEDs, evenly placed inside the device for optimal polymerization. Roomy, allows you to easily dry all five fingers. Electronic display, sensor, three timers and auto mode (99 sec.) Provide a convenient and efficient wizard. The case is reliable and stable, but the model is available only in one color (white).
Main advantages:
  • universality;

  • spaciousness;

  • power;

  • availability of all modern functions;

  • adequate price.

  • fixed bottom panel;

  • internal surface without reflector.

9.8 / 10
Solid lamp for gel polish, very beautiful, big. There were no problems with the drying of layers, everything will polymerize into five! Another would be removed the panel, but it is difficult to clean.

So which nail dryer is best to choose?

Decide on the purpose of purchase. For the first steps in the gel manicure, it is enough to buy a “trial” cheap Chinese lamp, but be prepared that in the process of professional improvement it will have to be replaced with a higher-quality version. For a manicure at home, an inexpensive, 36 watt versatile lamp from Russian manufacturers will do. Well, a prestigious beauty salon can not do without high-quality equipment from the leaders of the beauty industry. Have a good choice!

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