6 best nettops

Choosing the best mini system unit

If at the dawn of its appearance ultracompact computers caused interest mainly of modest size, then the capabilities of current nettops are quite enough to solve most daily tasks.

Even a powerful gaming system is easy to build on the basis of a mini-PC (for example, the model series of compact system units Alienware X51 R3 from Dell)

The lack of small computers is obvious - this is the difficulty or impossibility of a periodic upgrade. If the computer does not require maximum gaming performance or it will be used primarily for multimedia purposes - the choice in favor of the nettop is justified. Especially when for some reason you are not comfortable with a candy bar.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best premium laptops1Intel NUC9.6 / 1023 800
2Zotac ZBOX9.5 / 1022 450
3Apple mac mini9.5 / 1056 000
The best mid-priced notebooks1Asus VivoPC VM40B9.3 / 1017 000
2Lenovo IdeaCentre Q1909.2 / 1018 000
Best Low Cost Nettops1Pegatron Amis L6 SAISHIAT 2+9.1 / 109 700

Best premium laptops

Intel NUC
23 800 (per model NUC5I3RYK)
The founder of the ultra-compact form factor somewhat revised its own concept, according to which any system built on the Next Unit of Computer platform should not have mobile data storage devices. The next generation Intel NUC (to which the model in question belongs), along with solid state drives of the M.2 format, allows using traditional 2.5 "hard drives or SSDs connected via the SATA port. The seat for such a device is provided with an updated case design. The model is built based on the Core i3-5010U processor with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500 video core. The high-performance stuffing allows you to use the nettop to build an entry-level gaming system or a compact multimedia center. Supporting the latest wireless specifications allows you to watch streaming video even in 4K resolution.
Main advantages:
  • good performance;
  • the ability to install drives with SATA or M.2;
  • Support for the latest wireless specifications;
  • USB connector with the ability to quickly charge mobile devices;
  • support for wireless display technology.
  • second generation PCIe bus;
  • no USB 3.1.
9.6 / 10
Not a cheap little thing, of course, but I needed smaller dimensions and decent performance. While I installed SATA SSD, in a year I will buy a fast one for the system, and this one will be the second.
Zotac ZBOX
22 450 (for model MI522NANO-BE)
The low-end model of the ZBOX NANO line is based on the fifth-generation processor with an extremely low power consumption of Core i3-5010U. The performance of the processor and the capabilities of the integrated graphics core are enough for comfortable viewing of video in 4K resolution or building an entry level gaming station. The manufacturer leaves the choice of use of the nettop for the user, especially since the basic configuration is offered without a drive and no installed memory. However, in addition to the recommended and older model MI542, the family also includes fully equipped PLUS modifications. The feature of the line is the presence of two gigabit network cards, which allows using nettop as an Internet gateway. The idea of ​​such an application also prompts the remote antenna of the Wi-Fi module, which supports the latest wireless exchange specification.
Main advantages:
  • two gigabit network cards;
  • remote Wi-Fi antenna;
  • 802.11ac protocol support;
  • decent performance.
  • on the glossy cover are prints.
9.5 / 10
Cool little media center, functional and with good performance. As a pure gaming computer it is not practical to use it, but this mini-PC pulls the same tanchiki easily.
Apple mac mini
56,000 (for the MGEN2 model)
Apple has not updated its Mac mini lineup for quite a long time, so the main advantage of this brand’s nettops is OS X. However, it’s incorrect to speak about the moral obsolescence of the hardware: its performance is enough for modern games with medium quality settings and high-resolution video viewing. . Claims can only be made to increased power consumption and low personnel frequency in 4K mode. The rest is all the same elegant Mac mini, the appearance of which has not changed for several generations. Note that in configurations without an installed Fusion Drive storage subsystem, it is impossible to add such functionality by a subsequent upgrade, so immediately focus on the required modification.
Main advantages:
  • stylish appearance;
  • built-in power supply;
  • high performance;
  • Easy integration with other Apple hardware.
  • high price;
  • HDMI video output provides 4K picture at 24 Hz.
9.5 / 10
The best nettop for the home, unless gaming performance is required at all costs. Expensive, but Apple and there are no budget proposals.

The best nettops of an average price category

Asus VivoPC VM40B
17,000 (for model 90MS0011-M01890)
An incredibly elegant and stylish case boasts the entire line of Asus VivoPC. An elegant nettop, comparable in size to a large box for optical discs, will easily fit into the most sophisticated interior of a home or a successful office. Even simple models of Asus VivoPC nettops, like the VM40B, have built-in speakers and are capable of reproducing high-quality sound, support the latest standards of wireless sharing, and the software allows you to control them using a smartphone or tablet. It is noteworthy that in such a tiny package is placed a standard 3.5-inch hard disk. The rainbow picture is spoiled only by an incomprehensible hardware limitation, which does not allow using a drive larger than 1 TB in the device.
Main advantages:
  • convenient collapsible housing with easy access to all major components;
  • full set of audio interfaces, including optical S / PDIF;
  • two slots for memory slats.
  • does not support drives larger than one terabyte;
  • no VESA mount;
  • You can hear the sound of HDD clearly.
9.3 / 10
The best nettop for everyday use as a multimedia PC. Nice appearance allows you not to hide it behind a TV or monitor, and support for the latest Wi-Fi specification provides it with high-speed connection to the network without wires.
Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190
18,000 (for model 57-316613)
The Q190 case is associated with a paperback book, and its thickness is only 22 mm. Soft rubber feet allow you to lay the device to the side, with a special stand it is mounted vertically, and the VESA mounting mount provides a nettop and a third placement option. Thanks to a high-quality audio path and an optical S / PDIF connector, the mini PC is suitable for building a modern multimedia center with a seven-channel sound. The model range of the IdeaCentre Q190 is wide and includes both simple and productive solutions, including those allowing them to be used as entry-level gaming PCs.
Main advantages:
  • small body thickness;
  • multi-channel audio support;
  • complete mount VESA.
  • No support for the latest wireless specification.
9.2 / 10
Bought on the advice of friends and do not regret. Very thin body, nice appearance and almost silent work nettop impressive now my guests.

Best Low Cost Nettops

Pegatron Amis L6 SAISHIAT 2+
9,700 (for model 90P2-5P100M0)
Widely known in narrow circles, the OEM / ODM manufacturer introduced several lines of ultra-compact system units under its own name to the retail market. Almost all of them come without a memory bar and hard drive, allowing a qualified user to complete the nettop according to their needs. The recommended nettop model is equipped with one of the best in the budget category processor, on the basis of which it will turn out to build an entry-level multimedia system. Playing on it will be uncomfortable, but the rest of the tasks of such a device on the shoulder. Nettop can be assembled on a stand, and for attachment to the back of some monitors.
Main advantages:
  • the ability to assemble the system in the required configuration;
  • VESA mount included.
  • high accuracy is required when disassembling the plastic case on the latches;
  • only one USB 3 connector;
  • Wi-Fi does not support the 802.11ac protocol;
  • Quite a noisy fan in normal mode.
9.1 / 10
Inexpensive workhorse for home or office, packed in an extremely compact body. For games, complex mathematical calculations or modeling nettop will not work, but watching movies, working with documents or sitting on the Internet is the best option.

A modern computer can do without an impressive bundle of wires that get confused under the table and interfere with cleaning. Many nettops are attached to the back of the monitor or TV, allowing you to "civilize" the interior, and the wireless mouse and keyboard kit further reduces the apparent amount of cable management. You just have to choose the best model of nettop in accordance with your needs.

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