7 best ASUS laptops

"The spirit of innovation. The path to excellence."

This is the motto of ASUS. Compared with other leading laptop manufacturers, ASUS initially tried to cover all segments of this market, offering solutions at any level for the most diverse tasks. If we take into account the quality of performance and competent pricing policy, the popularity of Taiwanese products is fully justified. Our review presents the best Asus laptops in the most sought-after categories available in spring 2017.

And for starters:

5 facts about ASUS laptops:

  1. They worked at the MIR orbital station. For 600 days, 2 ASUS laptops served as a computing platform for astronauts. There were no failures, laptops did not overheat, although they worked all day. The astronauts were satisfied with the technique.
  2. They first entered the Everest. Of course, again with the help of people. The team of climbers led by Wang Yongfong reached the top of 8,848.43 m. They had with them not only ASUS laptops, but only they were loaded in these extreme conditions.
  3. They visited at the North and South Polesincluding the expedition to v. vinson (4892 m, Antarctica).
  4. The thinnest The world's first laptop was released under this brand in 2010. It was an ASUS U36, its thickness was only 19 mm.
  5. ASUS laptops for sale in all countries of the worldwhere there are computer stores.

These data are presented on the official website of the ASUS representative office in Russia.

Let's see which ASUS laptops reflect the spirit of their company more than others, which models deserve the title of the best.

ASUS laptop rating

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best inexpensive ASUS universal laptops1ASUS X540LJ9.6 / 1027 990
Best ASUS Ultrabooks1ASUS ZenBook UX330UA9.9 / 1081 708
2ASUS ZenBook UX303UB9.7 / 1049 800
Best ASUS Gaming Laptops1ASUS ROG G752VM9.8 / 10141 990
2ASUS ROG GL502VM9.7 / 1085 590
The best laptop-transformer ASUS1ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA9.7 / 1057 990
ASUS best multimedia notebook1ASUS N552VX9.6 / 1060 690

Best inexpensive ASUS universal laptops

27 990 (for the average configuration model on the Intel Core i3-5005U processor)

Not every buyer comes to the store for a powerful or possessing special characteristics of a laptop. If you need a portable computer for comfortable reading books, watching movies or videos, conveniently communicating with friends and acquaintances on social networks, by mail or Skype, this ASUS laptop can be the best choice.

Actually, the company positions this series as an ideal solution for typical office work or entertainment. The case of the X540LJ is plastic, but it is decorated under polished metal and doesn’t really get dirty with your hands. It makes no sense to focus on a complete set with processors, since this whole line is equipped with non-game graphics cards, and Core i3 is enough for everyday tasks. There is also a special mode of suppressing the blue (Eye Care), due to which the eyes should be less tired during prolonged reading.

Main advantages:
  • practical non-marking housing;
  • good sounding speakers;
  • special mode for reading;
  • The touchpad recognizes standard Windows 10 gestures.
  • built-in rechargeable battery;
  • keyboard without backlight;
  • not the fastest Wi-Fi specification supported.
9.6 / 10
Bought to work with video and text. Surprisingly, the FPS also keeps the FPS even more than 60. For its money, the laptop is simply out of competition.

Best ASUS Ultrabooks

ASUS ZenBook UX330UA
81 708 (for the model in the maximum configuration)

The company's current flagship business line embodies the laconic elegance of the Zen corporate identity. Metal, extremely thin body, modern productive stuffing, comfortable keyboard. Our recommendations for choosing a particular modification will be determined by the nature of the tasks assigned to the ultrabook. If active work with content in 4K format is planned, then the best option would be the bundle with the latest generation processors (Kaby Lake). For example, Intel Core i7-7500U. The fact is that the support of the new video standard in them is already implemented at the hardware level, which guarantees an increased smoothness of the displayed image. In addition, the new kernel can work with an extended dynamic range and color palette. To improve the quality of web surfing, Kaby Lake is also preferable, but with such an emphasis on using the device, look for a configuration with an i7-7Y75 processor. Well, Full HD screen resolution will be enough. For comfortable work with any types of documents, you can restrict yourself to a model based on sixth generation processors.

Main advantages:
  • very high autonomy;
  • excellent matte screen;
  • three levels of brightness of the keyboard backlight;
  • relatively decent sound.
  • card reader connects via USB 2;
  • Unsuccessful power key layout.
9.9 / 10
Lightweight, elegant, backlit keyboard, the battery charge lasts a long time (I have somewhere at 8 o'clock with Wi-Fi and active surfing).
ASUS ZenBook UX303UB
49,800 (for the model in the minimum configuration)

Not the newest model in the family, but very attractive in terms of cost. A sort of budget option business class. A feature of the line UX303UB is the presence of a discrete graphics card. With the maximum graphics quality settings (in “heavy” games), you hardly get a smooth picture, but with medium ones, such hits of the recent past as the third Witcher will go bang. The ultrabook will also be of interest to all those who, by the nature of their activities, are associated with three-dimensional modeling or spatial design, and should have high mobility. In other words, who often has to demonstrate the results of his work in different places. According to the intended usage scenario, the configuration of the laptop should be selected. We only note that preference should be given to complete sets with solid-state drives.

Main advantages:
  • relatively powerful graphics subsystem;
  • stylish appearance;
  • keyboard with adjustable backlight;
  • there is a slot for another memory bar;
  • good autonomy.
  • low speaker volume;
  • power button is inconvenient;
  • does not support memory cards larger than 32 GB.
9.7 / 10
I regularly work with various CAD systems, and often launch several applications at the same time. I have never had a laptop to freeze or zagluchil.

Best ASUS Gaming Laptops

141,990 (for a model with a memory capacity of 16 GB)

Perhaps the most controversial requirements for a gaming laptop are made to the diagonal of its screen. To make a full-fledged competition to a stationary PC, it must be larger, and this already adversely affects the mobility or reliability of the design of the entire device. A reasonable border lies in the area of ​​17 inches, and the best offer from ASUS has been the ROG G752 model line for a year and a half. Rather, its modern version, built on the new graphics accelerators GeForce. Such a “pleasure” of thousands will cost ten more than the previous generation, but it's worth it. By the way, in the G752VM there is an almost reference-quality video card, which has only slightly reduced operating frequencies.

Main advantages:
  • comfortable keyboard;
  • good sound path with a subwoofer;
  • Excellent gaming performance.
  • the maximum angle between the main unit and the screen is only 120 °;
  • the complexity of the maintenance of the cooling system;
  • The location of most interface connectors on the right side of the case.
9.8 / 10
The best gaming laptop of Asus laptops, the most valuable is that all modern toys here go at maximum speed without subsidence FPS. The temperature of the case does not rise above 40 ° C.
85 590 (for the model in the maximum configuration)

More recently, any gaming laptop was quite monstrous device. With the advent of the thousandth series of NVidia accelerators, the situation has improved dramatically, and even mass products like the ROG GL502 line now have decent performance, as well as acceptable weight and dimensions.

The recommended Asus notebook is equipped with a video card based on the GeForce GTX 1060 chip, which is “weaker” than its desktop version by only 10%. If you do not show uncompromising integrity in setting the level of quality, its capabilities are more than enough for the most resource-intensive modern games. Demanding gamers, we can advise another model of the same family - GL502VS, equipped with an accelerator based on the GTX 1070. Of course, the game - does not at all mean "no longer good for anything." The laptop received a smart IPS panel capable of displaying 100% of the RGB color space and almost as much as Adobe RGB. In other words, it is great for any tasks that require accurate color reproduction.

Main advantages:
  • relatively compact size;
  • high gaming performance;
  • convenient for service a folding design;
  • support network card technology GameFirst third generation.
  • noisy cooling system;
  • Marky case.
9.7 / 10
The system just flies. The only negative is that it is noticeably heated in heavy games and makes noise under load.

The best laptop-transformer ASUS

ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA
57 990

The ASUS Transformers class is now represented by four model lines, and we believe that the best of them is the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA transforming laptop. On the one hand, the stuffing used here is much more productive than that of the outright state employee VivoBook Flip TP201SA. The diagonal of the screen and its resolution, respectively, are larger and higher, the drive is solid-state, etc. On the other hand, the models with the characteristics are even “cooler” (UX560UX and TP501UQ) significantly shorter battery life. However, if you plan to use a transformer, including for 3D modeling, this choice may be justified. Design features do not interfere with the device to formally belong to the ZEN family and to have all its advantages. High-quality metal case, which is not visible fingerprints, low weight and very small thickness - these are just some of them.

Main advantages:
  • reliable hinges of a new type;
  • optimum filling;
  • does not have an active cooling system.
  • keyboard without backlight.
9.7 / 10
Excellent laptop transformer. No noise. Very fast. At the same time easy and convenient.

ASUS best multimedia notebook

60 690

It is possible that the developers of this model decided to emphasize its multimedia orientation with the help of the Blu-Ray drive. By and large, optical discs are of little demand, but if there is a solid video library of licensed films - such a device may be useful. Another application is the editing of relevant content, followed by recording to discs. Fortunately, filling the laptop without any problems cope with any "heavyweight" like Sony Vegas. True, its power has to be paid with increased power consumption, so with the autonomy of the N552VX it is not very good. By the way, the graphics subsystem performance is even higher in the N552VW line. Like most of the latest ASUS laptops, the device has an elegant look. From a distance, it can even be mistaken for some ZenBook, to which the recognizable design of the top cover contributes a lot. That's just on the bottom of the metal is not enough, and it is made of plastic.

Main advantages:
  • powerful hardware platform;
  • wide range of possible configurations;
  • backlit keyboard;
  • stylish design.
  • very modest autonomy;
  • no complete sets with NVidia video cards of the thousandth series;
  • bad place for power button.
9.6 / 10
A complete set is better to take with SSD. However, there is support for the M2 standard, so adding a drive later will not be difficult.

What is the difference between ASUS laptops?

The ASUS company makes everything that is connected with computer equipment, in all price segments. The same applies to laptops: in the ASUS range there are both budget and expensive models. ASUS laptops are distinguished by strict classic by designamong them you will not find pink flowers. The body is either very simple, or solid, representative. Users mark most models. good build, reliability, stable job, adequacy ratios prices and features, the convenience of use. ASUS is a good solid laptop for every day.

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