15 best TVs in 2017

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Such are the realities of domestic retail, that new TVs from leading manufacturers in stores often appear after a long and not very spectacular pause. True, this same fact becomes the cause of their relevance throughout almost the entire next season, and sometimes even longer. If so, we bring to your attention the rating of the best TVs in 2017 today and even with a “target” for the future.

What are the criteria for choosing the best TV?

In order not to go into a detailed listing of possible small details and characteristics, let us dwell on the fundamental ones, on which the image quality, functionality and, ultimately, user comfort and the impression that the TV will produce on it depends.

Screen diagonal

It's all simple. The desired option is selected based on the size of the room, the personal wishes of the consumer and to a certain extent the capabilities of his wallet.


  • HD-Ready (720p) - the format is frankly old and suitable only for compact models up to 32 inches;
  • Full HD 1080p - still the most popular and widely available standard;
  • Ultra HD (2160r), also known as 4K, is the “high bar” of high definition for most modern TVs.

HDR support

Extended dynamic range is an opportunity to bring the image on the screen as close as possible to the reality accessible to human vision. A lot of details and shades, the broadest contrast in the shadows and in the bright areas - it is better to see once than to try to understand in words.

Display type

  • LED. Some naively believe that LCD is an old type of matrix, and modern is LED. However, the latter option implies the same LCD base, but with a more efficient (bright, economical and less space) LED backlight.
  • QLED. Advanced development from Samsung. Actually, at the moment - this is still the same LCD-matrix, but due to the use of special filters on quantum dots, brighter and more saturated colors are formed.
  • Nano Cell. LG offered its alternative to QLED with the same pleasant “consequences” for the image, only Nano materials are used not as a basis for the filter, but directly in the matrix.
  • OLED. The most effective, but also the most expensive technology. Actually, there is no backlight. The matrix consists of more than 8 million organic self-highlighting pixels that turn on and off completely when an electric current passes. The result is infinite contrast and perfect black depth.

The best TVs of 2017 are in our rating, compiled from reviews of experts and ordinary customers.

Top best TVs in 2017 - TOP 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Full HD TVs 20171LG 55EG9A7V9.8 / 1060 890
2Sony KDL-49WE7559.8 / 1040 120
3Samsung UE49M6500AU9.7 / 1041 450
4LG 49LJ595V9.3 / 1041 450
Top 4K (UHD) LED TVs of 20171Samsung UE55MU8000U9.9 / 1078 999
2Sony KD-49XE70969.8 / 1078 999
3LG 49UJ750V9.7 / 1048 720
4Panasonic TX-50EXR7009.6 / 1060 890
5Samsung UE55MU6100U9.5 / 1053 290
Top 4K Premium LED TVs1Samsung QE65Q9FAM9.9 / 10186 500
2Sony KD-55XE93059.8 / 10133 500
3LG 55SJ930V9.7 / 1074 310
Best Premium 4K OLED TVs1LG OLED65W7V10 / 10428 040
2Sony KD-65A19.8 / 10247 790
3LG OLED55E7N9.7 / 10121 990

Best Full HD TVs 2017

60 890

Being a recognized leader in the promotion of OLED technology, LG offers the consumer, along with expensive and "heaped" models of the LG Signature and Ultra HD Premium 4K series, a relatively affordable, one can say budget, good Full HD TV with a display based on self-highlighting pixels.

The 55-inch screen does not require an LED backlight, and therefore the television is made in an ultra-slim design and can decorate any interior. Due to the deep black color and excellent contrast, LG OLED TV is able to form a much brighter and more vivid picture with an incredible palette of shades than is available for models with a classic LCD matrix.

LG 55EG9A7V supports Smart TV, equipped with analog (PAL / SEKAM) and digital (DVB-T2 / C / S2) TV tuners. The Ultra Surround audio system consists of two speakers of 10 watts each and supports Clear Voice II mode for more accurate speech reproduction.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent image quality;
  • Perfect viewing angles;
  • OS webOS 2.0;
  • Magic Remote Remote with voice control option;
  • Simulation technology of spatial 7-channel sound.
  • Standard functionality;
  • No HDR support.
9.8 / 10
In general, this is a relatively simple in terms of functionality TV from LG, but with a chic picture, looking at which you forget about all the small flaws. I use external sound, I connected it with optics.
Sony KDL-49WE755
40 120

The model from the Japanese grandee in terms of full HD high definition image transfer capabilities and build quality is undoubtedly the leader of the category of the best Full HD TVs. The WE755 line includes 2 screen sizes of 43 and 49 inches with a corresponding price difference. The design is traditionally stylish and laconic with thin frames.

The display supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 pixels, refresh rate 60 Hz. The ADS matrix is ​​one of the IPS varieties, and therefore it has good viewing angles, but for the same reason you cannot count on a deep black color. But the TV declared support for extended dynamic range (HDR) for better detail of the light and dark fragments.

Technology TRILUMINOS DISPLAY creates characteristic for Sony naturalness and vivid colors, the processor X-Reality PRO is responsible for the clarity of the picture, Motionflow XR 400 Hz for the smoothness of the display of dynamic scenes. As for Smart TV, it is, although somewhat curtailed. Access to additional applications through the Opera Store.

Main advantages:
  • Receive all formats of digital broadcasting DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • The optimal set of interfaces for external connections;
  • Button on the remote control for instant access to YouTube;
  • Cinematic surround sound S-Force Front Surround;
  • High-quality assembly (Malaysia).
  • Not very powerful speakers (5 + 5 W);
  • High price.
9.8 / 10
This TV is designed for high-quality signal and, if someone is going to watch analog channels, pass by. It's like a Japanese car refuel 72-m gasoline and wonder what drives badly. Options for adjusting the image abound.
Samsung UE49M6500AU
41 450

It may seem strange to someone with this price tag, but the UE49M6500AU is nothing more than a budget TV model with a curved screen. This configuration looks stylish and original plus provides the effect of greater immersion. Two diagonal versions - 49 and 55 inches. The first is more affordable, the second is better reveals the possibility of a curved display.

The 60 Hz VA matrix has a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD). We are not talking about HDR support, but the process of improving the original video signal works quite well, thanks to the “efforts” of several proprietary technologies. Ultra clean view is responsible for the clarity, the Auto Depth Enhancer creates a depth effect, the Micro Dimming Pro local dimming algorithm improves the detail of shadows and light areas, the PurColour generates a natural color generator.

Smart TV platform is quite convenient and smart. The control process is as simple as possible with the One Remote remote control capable of responding to voice commands. Reception of digital broadcasting is provided by a DVB-T2 / C / S2 tuner.

Main advantages:
  • Bright and clear picture;
  • 4-core processor;
  • Image Quality Improvement Index (PQI) - 900, Motion Rate - 120;
  • Convenient and intuitive interface Smart Hub;
  • Omnivorous USB media player.
  • No headphone output;
  • Highlights in the corners of the screen.
9.7 / 10
The best inexpensive curved screen TV. Thin frames, beautiful design and excellent functionality. Full HD is the most massive and easily accessible content format, and therefore 4K was not even considered.
LG 49LJ595V
41 450

This TV is best suited for those who need "inexpensive but angry." In the line 2 diagonal - 43 and 49ʺ. This series, despite its relative availability, is distinguished by a good and expensive looking design, decent functionality. For those who do not know, from 2017 3D in TVs can not search.

The screen resolution is 1920x1080 pixels (FHD), the type of illumination is Direct LED, the image quality index PMI is 1000, the technology for optimizing the display of dynamic scenes (True Motion) is 100 (the refresh rate in the native mode is 50 Hz). One way to improve the quality of the picture is the algorithm for scaling the original resolution Resolution Upscaler.

At the disposal of fans of “smart” functions webOS 3.5 with access to the browser, LG content store and music player. TV tuners accept both analog and digital channel packs (DVB-T2 / C / S2), the USB media player has no trouble reading most audio and video formats.

Main advantages:
  • Cute design;
  • Good quality-price-functionality ratio;
  • Intuitive control;
  • Smart Smart;
  • Convenient location USB-port.
  • Not the best viewing angles;
  • No headphone jack.
9.3 / 10
In this price range, I could not find a better TV. Shows decently, the stand is more modern than before. LG's Smart is probably the most convenient, at least in my opinion. While everyone is happy.

Top 4K (UHD) LED TVs of 2017

Samsung UE55MU8000U
78 999

The Samsung UE55MU8000U is an ultra-modern 4K Ultra HD Premium flat-screen LED television. In general, in the series are available, in addition to 55ʺ, another diagonal of 49 and 65 inches. The technology of quantum dots is not discussed here, but the 120 Hz VA matrix (60 Hz for 49ʺ) allows you to get an image of excellent quality, and the device itself is more accessible than its QLED counterparts.

Stylish frameless design, Ultra Black anti-glare technology, excellent brightness and clarity in the extended dynamic range (HDR 1000), realistic and accurate color reproduction with Dynamic Crystal Color, Peak illuminator for better work on dark parts, Motion Rate 240 for dynamic scenes - an excellent set of characteristics, enhancing the positive perception of the model.

And there is also a decent level 2.1 sound system with a power of 40 W, a full-format digital tuner DVB-T2 / C / S2 and, of course, the “smart” platform Smart TV on Tizen 3.0 with an improved Smart Hub interface.

Main advantages:
  • Decent black level;
  • Low input delay (will appeal to gamers);
  • One Remote control with voice recognition;
  • Smart View application for interacting with mobile gadgets;
  • One Connect system.
  • Small viewing angles;
  • Overpriced.
9.9 / 10
Cool, modern and beautiful. True, not cheap, but there is an understanding that money is not wasted. TV shows great, Smart is good. The sound is not bad, but we are still planning to get a soundbar.
Sony KD-49XE7096
78 999

In reality, only the famous Japanese brand is capable of resisting the “Koreans” with their huge model range and omnipresent advertising. Moreover, the “battle” cannot be considered unequal at all, because Sony “fights” not by number, but by skill. More precisely, the high quality of both the image and the performance as a whole.

KD-49XE7096 pleases with truly realistic color reproduction. Support for 4K HDR provides high-quality viewing of content with excellent detail of bright and dark fragments. 4K X-Reality PRO technology scales the resolution of each pixel, making the image on the screen as clear as possible.

The Smart (Opera TV) function is not said to be very convenient by default, but after setting up your own list of relevant applications, everything falls into place. And in terms of speed, with good home Internet data, everything is in order.

Main advantages:
  • Technology of improvement of color Live Color, algorithm of dynamic illumination;
  • 4K screen resolution and 4K HDR support;
  • IPS matrix with excellent viewing angles;
  • Motionflow XR 400 Hz;
  • Receive analog, digital terrestrial, cable and satellite channels.
  • Screen refresh rate - 60 Hz;
  • Normal remote control without a pointer.
9.8 / 10
When I bought a TV, I first looked at the image. Smart is secondary, because it can be created additionally, but you cannot correct the picture. He was tormented by Sony between the 8th and 7th series, but the "toad stuck." Still, 100% satisfied.
LG 49UJ750V
48 720

When you need a good TV with 4K resolution, decent performance and decent image quality at an adequate price, there is a reason to choose the 7th series from LG. Model 49UJ750V can be considered optimal, but if you need another diagonal, the options are also 43, 55, 65 inches.

IPS 4K display is characterized by good color and excellent viewing angles. Active HDR technology with support for premium Dolby Vision allows you to view relevant content in impeccable quality with excellent elaboration of light and dark areas. There is also a contrast enhancement mode for the standard dynamic range of the HDR Effect. Ultra Luminance and Local Dimming backlight control algorithms are capable of enhancing brightness and detail; 4K Upscaler scales the original resolution to Ultra HD.

A decent level speaker system with support for the simulation of 7-channel sound, elegant modern design, excellent and smart Smart under webOS 3.5 not bad complement the list of advantages of the model, but do not close it to the end.

Main advantages:
  • Remote Magic Remote in stock;
  • Recognition of voice commands;
  • PMI index - 100, True Motion - 100;
  • Receive the full range of digital broadcasting - DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • There are all necessary interfaces for connections.
  • The traditional IPS matrix average contrast;
  • Display refresh rate is 50 Hz.
9.7 / 10
Great TV with a good picture, convenient Smart and finally in a more solid and expensive design. For this price, it is not necessary to wait for the refresh rate of 100 Hz, but in principle it’s not bad.
Panasonic TX-50EXR700
60 890

Televisions from Panasonic - a kind of phenomenon in the domestic retail. They are really good and reliable, they are distinguished by an excellent image and high-quality assembly, but the sellers do not really "love" them for not pricing much and it is more profitable to extol products with high margins from other brands. But from the point of view of a competent buyer - the profit is obvious.

The TX-50EXR700 is a strong middling among the best 4K Ultra HD TVs of 2017. The MVA matrix with Edge LED backlight has quite a decent level of black and good contrast. The refresh rate is standard - 60 Hz, the image enhancement index is 1600 Hz. The picture is formed with the help of advanced technologies for color processing, Wide Color Phosphor and 4K Pure Direct, there is a local dimming, several HDR formats are supported.

“Smart” functions are available in the form of “My home page 2.0” interface, sound system - VR-Audio True Surround, digital TV signal reception - DVB-T / T2 / C / S2. Panasonic, unlike other brands, has not yet completely abandoned 3D support, but for this model it is not provided for (alternative EXR780 series).

Main advantages:
  • Modern responsive design;
  • Excellent picture quality;
  • 4-core Quad-Core Pro processor;
  • USB media player with support for most formats;
  • High-quality assembly - Czech Republic.
  • Standard remote control;
  • Few applications in smart TV.
9.6 / 10
It can be said, stumbled upon this TV in the store. And when it turned out that he was going to the Czech Republic and showed, with a normal image setting, he took the best models he did without thinking.
Samsung UE55MU6100U
53 290

One of the most popular budget TVs in 2017 from Samsung. Good diagonal, nice thin design, convenient Smart features and all this “in the set” with decent image quality and quite adequate price. Only domestic production can be included in the negative, but there are simply no other options for this brand, and in order for assembly flaws not to become a problem, you just need to carefully check the copy if you buy it.

Ultra HD 4K resolution is in itself a pledge of high-quality and clear images, but the latter becomes even more attractive under the influence of proprietary technologies: Dynamic Crystal Color and PurColour - natural and vibrant colors, HDR - bright and realistic image, UHD Dimming - contrast and detail. The video processor allows you to scale the resolution to UHD, the declared image quality indicator PQI - 1000.

The standard “smart” format Smart TV in 2017 for Samsung is OS Tizen 3.0 with Smart Hub interface. The sound is not perfect, but quite comfortable, and to improve it is possible to connect external acoustics by “optics”.

Main advantages:
  • One Remote with voice control;
  • The current Smart View application for collaboration with mobile devices;
  • Auto Motion Plus for better transmission of dynamic scenes;
  • Analog and digital tuners (DVB-T2 / C / S2);
  • Eco sensor.
  • Visible screen lights;
  • 60 Hz matrix.
9.5 / 10
Like the design. Yes, and shows the TV very well. I have already used Smart from Samsung, the current Tizen is a bit damp, but quite smart and stable. Through the home media server (HMS) "through the air" not very heavy films go normally.

Top 4K Premium LED TVs

Samsung QE65Q9FAM
186 500

Samsung's flagship 2017 is an innovative QLED TV with quantum dot technology. It could well be added to the comparison with OLED models, but since, despite the comparable image quality, the design is still based on an LCD matrix with LED backlighting, a well-deserved place for QE65Q9FAM at the head of the best 4K LED TVs of premium class.

This ultra-modern and stylish device with a flat screen and a metal body is made in a frameless minimalist design and can be mounted almost close to the wall. The model complies with Ultra HD Premium certification, which, of course, contributes to excellent technical equipment and excellent image quality.

Q style is the broadest color palette, phenomenal contrast with deep black and bright brightest shades, wide viewing angles previously unavailable to VA matrices. The technology of expansion of dynamic range Q HDR 2000 - allows you to see the smallest details in the light and dark areas of the image.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent 120 Hz SVA matrix + Quantum Dot technology;
  • Motion Rate - 200, PQI - 3400;
  • Peak brightness - 1800 cd / m², video signal delay in the game mode is only 14 ms;
  • Smart TV under Tizen 3.0;
  • Powerful 60-watt sound system, speaker circuit 4.2.
  • The price tag is somewhat overvalued;
  • Only the largest diagonals are available - 65, 77 and 88 inches.
9.9 / 10
I have long wanted a really big TV with a perfect picture. And now I have it. There is no habitual for Samsung flashes. Brightness, color, contrast are excellent. Beautiful elegant model. Content in 4K HDR more.
Sony KD-55XE9305
133 500

This premium 4K Sony TV in this category can be considered the “white crow”. In the characteristics of the display KD-55XE9305 you will not find mention of either quantum dots or particles introduced by Nano, but its high-quality, but quite classic 120 Hz VA matrix with Edge LED backlight, the designers managed to achieve the absolute maximum and the model is capable of image quality compete with advanced OLED panels.

Gorgeous brightness - merit technology Slim Backlight Drive +, illuminating the screen in the right places. Realistic and accurate colors - provides 4K HDR X1 ™ Extreme processor. The clarity and richness of shades are achieved by supporting various HDR formats, including Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision. Awesome contrast and detail in the competence of the algorithm X-tended Dynamic Range PRO. The colors on the screen are lively and natural, thanks to Triluminos ™ Display, the Motionflow ™ XR 1000 Hz makes viewing dynamic scenes as comfortable as possible.

Smart features run by the Android OS. The user has access to the Google Play app store, the Opera browser and many other entertainment. Voice control is supported. The Sony XE9305 series is represented by 2 diagonals - 55 and 65ʺ.

Main advantages:
  • Elegant minimalist design;
  • The highest build quality;
  • DVB-T2 / C / S2 (digital) and analog tuners;
  • 16 GB internal memory;
  • Excellent 50 watt sound system with 6 speakers.
  • High price;
  • The remote is not quite comfortable.
9.8 / 10
Of the LED TVs, this is the best in image quality. No "poisonous" oversaturated colors, black is just gorgeous. The device in the house looks very solid and expensive, although the price tag also greatly contributes to this. But the quality deserves it.
LG 55SJ930V
74 310

Excellent TV, positioned by LG as Super UHD (4K). Models with an OLED display are not affordable for everyone. But such a high-tech device, albeit with a screen based on the LCD matrix, but not the usual IPS, but created using the Nano Cell technology, is quite affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Being the latest evolution of LED TV, the LG 55SJ930V shows excellent results in terms of color quality (here they are Nano particles). Viewing angles are as wide as possible without distortion, which means that it is possible to arrange viewing even by a large company with complete comfort for all participants. The TV implemented proprietary technology Active HDR with support for Dolby Vision, and this is the key to playing premium content with maximum brightness, clarity and realism.

Clear and smooth sound is the merit of the Ultra Surround audio system, built according to the scheme 2.2. Output power - 40 watts. We should also note the truly elegant design of the TV and the presence of a Smart TV platform running webOS 3.5. A 65ʺ diagonal is also available in this series.

Main advantages:
  • 10-bit 100 Hz matrix;
  • True Motion (Dynamic Scene Enhancement) - 200, PMI - 3400;
  • Full HDR support;
  • All TV broadcast formats are accepted;
  • Universal remote control Magic Remote.
  • Dolby Atmos is not supported;
  • The black level leaves much to be desired.
9.7 / 10
Real respect for LG. They do not try to repeat the successes of others, but try to do it their own way, better and cheaper than their competitors. This is in the Samsung garden with their quantum dots at an exorbitant price.

Best Premium 4K OLED TVs

428 040

This model of the premium segment LG SIGNATURE is the flagship of the OLED TV line of a Korean brand, and in general for 2017, perhaps, out of competition. The product is truly revolutionary and high-tech. You can say everything is fine in it:

  • Luxurious ultra slim design. The panel is fastened almost flush with the wall (4 mm) by means of magnets and is connected to the soundbar, in which the main electronics and interfaces are concentrated, with a flat cable. Thus, the effect of "picture on the wall."
  • Excellent image. OLED display with 4K resolution is not just great clarity, but also almost perfect black level, infinite contrast and an incredible color palette. LG's proprietary Active HDR technology (HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision) provides premium content viewing with seemingly unattainable realism.
  • Great sound. Accurate and surround audio with a cinema effect is available thanks to Dolby Atmos® support.

The W7 series in the domestic market is represented by two diagonals, 65 and 77. The first option is already very expensive, and the second is a lot of the chosen ones, since it is almost three times more expensive than the “smaller brother”.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent image quality with perfect viewing angles;
  • Digital tuner for receiving terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasting;
  • Full Smart on webOS 3.5;
  • Magic Remote with scroll wheel;
  • Ultra slim and lightweight design - 7.6 kg.
  • Very high price tag;
  • Domestic assembly (if this can be considered a disadvantage).
10 / 10
After quite a decent 55-inch TV decided to "go broke" on a large innovative OLED. Comparing several models, we realized that there is no such thing better than this TV today. The model is simply gorgeous in all respects.
Sony KD-65A1
247 790

The Japanese company, whose unique developments in the field of improving image quality have long been known, simply could not ignore the opportunities offered by the use of OLED displays, and in 2017 presented its new flagship series Bravia A1 consisting of 3 models with diagonals 55, 65 and 77 inches.

It is worth noting that, like the main competitor, Sony uses the LG Display matrix. Those. there is some original parity. For the rest, the “Japanese” strictly follow their own concept both in design and in technical equipment. Here are just some of its manifestations:

  • The panel is equipped not with a bottom, but with a rear kick-stand (there is no gap from below) and is more likely oriented for desktop installation, although wall placement is also available;
  • TRILUMINOS Display technology creates natural, non-saturated colors;
  • The X1 Extreme processor guarantees realistic images;
  • Algorithm 4K X-Reality PRO gives maximum clarity.

With sound and wonders at all. Acoustic Surface technology involves the emission of an audio signal over the entire surface of the screen, and a subwoofer is placed in the back of the stand.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent build quality;
  • 4K HDR with support for HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision;
  • Object-based HDR remaster function (improved standard quality to “like HDR”);
  • Android OS 6.0 with the ability to update;
  • Remote control with voice control.
  • The price is quite high;
  • When wall mounted, the properties of the subwoofer deteriorate.
9.8 / 10
This is not my first Sony TV, but I have never seen such an image before. Black color is just gorgeous. I will subscribe Netflix to use 4K streaming. Now LED-panels are perceived as something quite sad.
121 990

In the hierarchy of OLED TVs from the Korean brand, the E7 series is the so-called golden mean. This is not yet the flagship line of LG SIGNATURE, but in the Ultra HD Premium classification it rightfully occupies the top line, and in terms of the ratio of characteristics, price and quality, this series of TVs can be called the best. In addition, it is worth noting the exclusive premium design "Picture on Glass."

The 4K resolution OLED matrix provides superior image quality with incredible clarity and contrast. Black is almost perfect, Active HDR technology allows you to view high quality content with maximum realism. The soundbar integrated into the rack without any additional audio components is capable of transmitting sound with a cinematic effect.

And of course, the TV is equipped with the Smart TV platform, which is controlled by webOS 3.5 in the 2017 models. Navigation is easy and fast, which is facilitated by the presence of the included Magic Remote Remote.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent image and sound quality;
  • Support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos;
  • Maximum color range and "Ultra Brightness";
  • Reception of digital terrestrial, cable and satellite TV broadcasting;
  • A complete set of interfaces for connections.
  • TV can not be hung close to the wall (according to LG, this scheme improves the sound characteristics);
  • Of the three USB ports, only one is version 3.0.
9.7 / 10
I was waiting for this particular model, as this is the best TV in its price range. There are decent speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Design for desktop placement is just super. A picture is a lovely sight, Smart flies, the content is "enough" for anyone.


Of course, like any rating, our review may seem somewhat subjective. Indeed, for someone the best TV is the one that is cheaper, someone is committed to a particular brand and considers its products to be the best. There are users for whom such a criterion as a high-quality and realistic image is important first of all, and life is not sweet to someone without a comfortable Smart TV. And each is right in its own way. Either way, our opinion coincides with your choice or not, the main thing is that the best TV in 2017 is the one with which you will be completely satisfied.

Successful acquisitions!