Three of the best grip

Clamp in metal arms

A good vice is not just beautiful, modern looking and adequate in price. The clamping tool must be durable and functional, it should be convenient to work with it. In our rating - the top three vice that will not disappoint you.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best metalwork vice1WILTON Workshop WS510 / 104 400
The best carpentry vice1BISON EXPERT 32731-1759.9 / 106 300
The best machine vise1Blacksmith WA1-1009.8 / 106 520

The best metalwork vice

WILTON Workshop WS5
4 400
One of the most reliable metalwork vice among available in the Russian market. This clamping tool is made of cast iron, the anvil area turned out to be very large, which makes it possible to fasten even very large objects. The upper jaws are removable; if damaged, they can be easily changed. Also, the vice is rotated around its axis, fixation in the selected position occurs with the help of two stoppers.
Main advantages:
  • Reliable fixation on the workbench with four bolts
  • Rotation around its own axis
  • Robust construction made of cast iron
  • Replaceable upper jaws with rubber grip
  • Decent working stroke (140 mm)
  • Absent
10 / 10
WILTON - the best grip of those that I saw, quite definitely. The embodiment of reliability.

The best carpentry vice

BISON EXPERT 32731-175
6 300
These joiner's vice differ in very compact size. They weigh an impressive 10 kg, because they are made of cast iron. With the help of such a machine, it is not difficult to firmly fix any wooden blank - for this purpose we use sponges 175 mm wide. With the help of BISON EXPERT 32731-175, it is possible to process not only hard but also soft woods - all you need to do is to attach wooden overlays to the lips.
Main advantages:
  • Big width of sponges (175 mm)
  • The ability to process soft wood
  • A large mass of vice
  • Robust construction made of cast iron
  • High enough price
  • Too much grease
9.9 / 10
More expensive, but as before very comfortable, especially for wood. I will not trade my ZUBRs for any other.

The best machine vise

Blacksmith WA1-100
6 520
In fact, this model is a clamp-vise. The tool is used to clamp workpieces (in particular pipes) at an angle of 90 degrees. The usual vice can be broken when the blank is folded, but Blacksmith WA1-100 is almost impossible to break. These clutches are made of very durable and reliable materials, thanks to which their lifespan is tens of years. Also, customers like the minimum size of this tool, due to which it can be transferred from one workbench to another.
Main advantages:
  • Minimum dimensions
  • Robust design
  • Existence of function of turn
  • Ability to work with both metal and wood
  • Not the biggest working stroke (100 mm)
  • High price
9.8 / 10
Swivel vice, long sought such. Places occupy very little, just the best in its class.

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