Top 10 foundation creams

Choosing the best tonal creams for natural makeup

In the cosmetic arsenal of a modern woman, as a rule, there are a lot of tools to create the perfect makeup. However, in the midst of all this diversity, it is precisely the foundation, as if by magic, that is able to transform the appearance in a matter of minutes by hiding small wrinkles or disguising skin errors. That is why its acquisition should be given special attention, so that instead of a miraculous transformation, you do not turn your face into a mask.
In this article we:

The main criteria for choosing the best foundation

Choosing a foundation, you should not be guided by its cost, although it is an important detail, but first of all the main characteristics of the product.

  • Individual skin type

This principle should be decisive in the purchase. It turns out that the composition of any tonal means is primarily focused not on the shade of the skin of the face, but on its tendency to fat content or, on the contrary, dryness. For example, in a cream for oily skin you will not find oils, and a remedy for dry skin excludes alcohol among its ingredients.

  • Color palette

Of course, the color of the selected foundation should be based on your skin tone. According to the basic rules of cosmetology, you should select a tone a little lighter than the natural to avoid artificiality. Although now very popular "smart" tint, self-adapting to the skin color.

  • Texture

The consistency of foundation creams are light, perfectly suitable for the summer season, and more dense, with a high camouflage effect. Most often, manufacturers produce this tool in the form of a liquid fluid, air mousse or stick. The thicker the texture of the cream, the more coloring pigment in it.

  • Additional features

Quite often, the tonal tool has a wider range of possibilities than just masking or matting. You can, for example, find creams marked “SPF” that protect against the damaging effects of sunlight. Not uncommon now and "tonaliki" with the effect of lifting, tightening wrinkles.
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The ubiquitous advertising has long penetrated the cosmetology market, stubbornly dictating which brand should be preferred. However, everything is individually here, because we are all different. According to the results of the popular vote, most women highlight the quality of tonal creams. Sisley (France), Max Factor (USA), L'oreal (France). They are not inferior in their characteristics and Maybelline (USA), Bourjois (France) or Revlon (USA).
However, in the budget price category is leading domestic brand "Freedom", which many women are also highly appreciated in the reviews and are not going to change it to Western brands.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap tonal creams1Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation9.9 / 10422
2Vivienne Sabo Ton elixir SS with9.8 / 10420
3"Ballet 2000" Superstable7.0 / 1080
The best tonal creams in the middle price range1Revlon 24 Hr. Colorstay Liquid Makeup Combination / Oily9.8 / 10685
2Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel9.7 / 10670
3L'OREAL Alliance Perfect Perfect Merge9.2 / 10600
4Max Factor Color Adapt9.0 / 10700
Top Luxury Creams1Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid9.8 / 103 500
2Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat9.8 / 107 000
3Guerlain Lingerie de Peau9.7 / 104 000

The best cheap tonal creams

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The Match Perfection Foundation foundation from the British brand Rimmel is based on a special SmartTone formula with sapphire pigments, which helps the cream to adjust to the skin tone, to lie down with a light and inconspicuous leveling veil and give the face a gentle glow. For the perfect mix of budget and good quality, thousands of users confidently called the foundation the best in its segment, and fashion bloggers, among whom Olga Blik, gave the Match Perfection Foundation an excellent rating.

The texture of the cream is pleasant, slightly watery, with satin finish line It does not feel on the face, does not give the effect of a mask, does not fall through the pores and has good durability. It is easily distributed over the skin, hiding minor defects and non-uniform color and giving it freshness. Comes off the face gradually and evenly, is spent economically. More suitable for owners of dry and normal skin, it can shine on oily. The volume of the bottle - 30 ml.

Main advantages:
  • rich color palette (15 shades, including very light);
  • UV protection SPF20;
  • convenient pump dispenser;
  • low cost
  • may emphasize desquamation.
9.9 / 10
When I read laudatory reviews, I smiled ironically and thought that a cream for such a price could not be good. How wrong I was! An excellent cream, light and high-quality, now he is my favorite!
Vivienne Sabo Ton elixir SS with

The novelty of this year, Ton elixir of the French brand Vivienne Sabo, is positioned as a CC cream that combines skin toning and gentle care for it. It contains wheat germ extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Svetlana Udalova, chief makeup artist Vivienne Szabo, noted that now there is a fresh, radiant face in the trend, and recommended this cream to the girls, and many beauty bloggers wrote detailed reviews about it.

The texture of Ton elixir is quite thick, but at the same time gentle and weightless. The cream is easily distributed over the face and gradually adjusts to its natural color. In the pores does not fall, on the skin looks invisible, well levels and nourishes. It is perfectly layered, but essential defects like pigment spots will not completely hide. This tonal cream is best suited for normal and dry skin. It is presented in three shades, the volume of a tube - 25 ml.

Main advantages:
  • is quite inexpensive;
  • adapts to skin color;
  • combines toning and care.
  • medium stamina;
  • mate weakly.
9.8 / 10
As for me, this is the best budget CC-cream! Remarkably levels, feeds, for such a price, the quality is simply gorgeous, when it's over - I'll take the same one.
"Ballet 2000" Superstable

The low-cost tonal creams of the “Ballet” series of the Freedom factory have stood the test of time and continue to enjoy success - and not only because of the very low cost compared to imported analogues. The composition of the Ballet differs little from the composition of many imported foundation creams worth 200-400 rubles. Cosmetics can often be evaluated according to the principle: it suits me or not, whether I like or dislike this product. So, the ballet shades are suitable for many, and like them. So you can safely give advice - try, and what if it suits you too?
And if you don't like it - Ballet can be found another use - it can be used as foot creams - for example, for masking bruises and scratches.

Mattifying cream, suitable for any skin type, contains vitamin E, contains no oils and alcohol. The color palette is natural, peach and beige.

Main advantages:
  • It is applied and distributed very easily, leaving a powder-velvet finish.
  • The cream does not emphasize peeling and is not smeared when in contact with clothing or mobile phone.
  • It has a matting and leveling effect, easily copes with the disguise of pigment spots.
  • It has a not very pleasant smell, which, however, quickly disappears.
  • The light texture of the cream dries quickly enough, so it should be applied more quickly.
  • In the pores is not clogged, but can not completely hide them.
7.0 / 10
Surprised that in the domestic cosmetics, too, there are good tools! There is a shade even for fair-skinned girls. And the price can not but rejoice! I have been using it for several months, while I am satisfied, in winter it will be suitable as a protective agent. I tried a lot of different tonal resources, but this cream, despite its eerie scent, is still in pets.

The best tonal creams in the middle price range

Revlon 24 Hr. Colorstay Liquid Makeup Combination / Oily

In the very first year of its release, the Revlon Colorstay foundation cream became a bestseller and to this day remains one of the most sought after in the world. Numerous loyal fans called him a liquid photoshop, and eminent American bloggers authoritatively stated that this is an absolute must-have. This cream is available in two versions - for normal and dry skin, and for combination and oily. Colorstay Liquid Makeup Combination / Oily designed specifically for the second type.

The cream has the lightest, slightly friable, airy texture and is completely invisible on the face, but at the same time it lasts a deliciously long time. It makes the skin smooth and matt, skillfully hides redness, pigment spots and other defects, does not dry, does not clog pores and does not strip. However, due to its durability, it is best washed off with hydrophilic oil, a simple foam can not take it. The volume of the bottle - 30 ml.

Main advantages:
  • incredible color palette (21 shades);
  • impressive stamina;
  • well mattes oily skin;
  • economically spent.
  • for flushing you need a special tool.
9.8 / 10
Revlon Colorstay - the best tonalnik of all that I had. He cool smooths pores, hides black dots and bruises under the eyes, calmly withstands all day and in general - perfect for my combination skin.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel

The manufacturer assures that thanks to extracts of exotic fruits and berries, namely litchi, goji, and a grenade, Healthy Mix Serum foundation will give the skin an unforgettable course of vitamin therapy, will tone it up, give a healthy glow and a sleek look. At the same time, the cream has a magnificent fruit aroma that has conquered many girls.

The texture of the Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation, contrary to its name, is not gel, but creamy, light, slightly watery, with a velvety finish. It is perfectly distributed over the skin, evens out its relief and gives a natural luminous coating. It does not clog pores, does not emphasize wrinkles and folds, however, the cream cannot cope with serious shortcomings. Resistance is average. More suitable for dry and normal skin, although oily is also not bad - but always in combination with powder, since it does not matte the face. The volume of the bottle - 30 ml.

Main advantages:
  • convenient dispenser;
  • enough for a long time;
  • presented in 6 shades;
  • has a caring effect.
  • not too resistant;
  • may highlight flaking.
9.7 / 10
I use a cream for my oily skin, I just fix it with mineral powder on top - no complaints. It lasts a long time, it masks redness, and the smell is pleasant! I am completely satisfied.
L'OREAL Alliance Perfect Perfect Merge

This foundation is able to adapt to the color and type of skin. It is shaded evenly, leaving no boundaries, and at the same time masks minor imperfections well. It has a dispenser, so it is very economical. Contains reflective particles, gives the skin a slight radiance.

The foundation is best suited for everyday use for normal skin without any problems, to create a natural makeup with a beautiful color and tone of the face. It is better for owners of dry skin to apply a pre-moisturizing cream (tonal may emphasize peeling).

Main advantages:
  • You can choose the most suitable of 10 shades.
  • It lies well, is not felt on the skin.
  • Well hides bruises under the eyes.
  • It does not flow.
  • Poorly conceals redness and serious skin defects.
  • Use your fingers badly, so you need to use sponge or brush.
9.2 / 10
I was looking for a suitable foundation for a long time, I decided to stop there. The texture is very light, almost airy, evens the complexion. The camouflage effect is not bad, although I have non-problematic skin. Perfectly solves my immediate problem - bruises under the eyes.
Max Factor Color Adapt

Max Factor Color Adapt is one of the most popular foundation creams. Suitable for oily sensitive skin, adapts to its individual shade. Does not contain oil and does not clog pores. Presented in 6 shades. Manufacturer - USA. The tonal creams of this company are generally very popular and are of good quality. It is not surprising - after all, the first make-up cream was created in 1936 by the American makeup artist Max Factor, whose motto was: “Make-up for“ stars ”is for you.”

The foundation, named after its creator, has a delicate texture of mousse, which ensures its even coating on the skin. Well hides flaws, creating a light powdery effect at the finish.

Main advantages:
  • Adjusts to skin tone.
  • Convenient dispenser.
  • Looks natural, evens the complexion.
  • Not suitable for oily skin, as it is not able to hide its luster.
  • Due to the fact that it is consumed very economically, towards the end of the bottle it slightly thickens.
  • May emphasize flaking.
  • For strong defects you need a corrector.
9.0 / 10
The best leveling and masking concealer. Does not give a mask effect. Very pleased with the acquisition, bought on the advice of a familiar makeup artist. The texture is not sticky, well smears bruises under the eyes. Disadvantages hides well, but sometimes the nose starts to shine - you have to powder.

Top Luxury Creams

Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid
3 500

The famous Diorskin Forever is not even a cream, but an air-tonal fluid capable of adapting to the individual needs of the skin. Seaweed extract and acacia resin in its composition will allow to moisturize dry skin, and collagen with zinc will help to mate oily. Experienced fashion blogger Nadezhda Bella-Shmella especially recommended it for normal and combination skin.

The texture of the cream is melting, voiley, sliding. It gives a fairly dense coating, but without the mask effect. It is best applied with a brush (the manufacturer recommends the brush Backstage from Dior), with a bang hides post acne, redness and unevenness, does not float, does not emphasize pores and lasts for a long time. But thanks to such persistence, it is also washed away for a long time - it is better to use hydrophilic oil to remove Diorskin Forever. The volume of the bottle - 30 ml.

Main advantages:
  • good color palette (12 shades);
  • excellent durability;
  • caring properties;
  • SPF25 sun protection filter.
  • impressive cost;
  • applied to non-moisturized skin may emphasize flaking.
9.8 / 10
The most comfortable mating foundation cream I've ever tried. The dense covering, the excellent masking ability, and at the same time is not felt at all on the face. Best option, I recommend!
Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat
7 000

Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat foundation contains extracts of gardenia, mallow and lime blossom, moisturizes and softens the skin.
Perfectly masks enlarged pores without clogging them. Gives ultra-thin coating, creating the effect of "second skin". The best concealer for oily skin - perfectly mattes the face, eliminates the shine, while hiding the visible flaws. Very economical to use.

Main advantages:
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • Persistent.
  • Does not stain clothes.
  • Of the visible flaws can only be called not quite affordable price, which is quite natural for luxury cosmetics.
  • It is difficult to choose a shade for light skin - it can go to yellowness.
  • Not everyone likes the scent of the remedy - however, it disappears quickly.
9.8 / 10
This is just a miracle cream, and its high price for me is justified by no less high quality. My skin does not dry, does not fat, it becomes porcelain-velvet. It does not "float" in the heat and does not roll down, but a face as on the cover. Resistance is high - on the phone and clothing is not imprinted and lasts a long time.
Guerlain Lingerie de Peau
4 000

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau tonal framework has the lightest texture with a perfectly even invisible coating. The cream is represented by a wide color palette (8 shades), which does not limit the choice of either “snow-white” or “dark-skinned”. The bottle is supplemented with a dispenser, which makes it quite economical. The degree of protection from sunlight SPF-20. It has a light aroma of violet. The foundation is best suited for normal and oily skin.

Despite its luxurious design, the bottle is quite heavy.It will look great on the dressing table, but not quite suitable for carrying in your purse.

Main advantages:
  • Nice texture.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Adjusts to skin tone.
  • It looks natural, not noticeable on the skin.
  • Perfectly aligns and hides minor flaws.
  • Not suitable for very dry skin,
  • High price.
9.7 / 10
The best foundation, adapts to the complexion perfectly. The skin under the cream breathes. Persistent enough, in the evening after work, the makeup is still with me. I have a slightly oily skin, the cream dries it a little (there is Alcohol in the composition).

Which foundation is better to buy?

Starting the choice of foundation, first decide for yourself what effect you expect from it. After all, the same tool can, for example, ideally matte and even out the complexion, but it is bad to hide flaws. Relying on the price or the manufacturer is better not worth it - as a rule, this approach does not save from disappointment. To achieve the effect of the perfect natural makeup can only be given the individual characteristics of their skin.

We wish to find a cream that wraps the skin with a light and delicate veil, hiding all its flaws and emphasizing its merits. And our rating will help you with this!