7 most unusual alarm clocks

Have a nice awakening

Autumn and winter - a time when only under a warm blanket - and a spa! Only one dream is bad: sooner or later you have to wake up. The alarm clock is in any mobile phone, but if you are a true connoisseur of healthy sleep and proper awakening, then you will definitely choose a separate model. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with so many interesting things lately! Read the review of the most unusual alarm clocks in 2016.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Hourglass with alarm clock1Geekclock9.5 / 101 600
Light Alarms1Philips Wake-up Light9.9 / 1010 000
2Medisana WL-4509.5 / 107 350
Alarm clock with projector1RST 327689.5 / 104 000
Alarm clock with target1Gun Alarm Clock9.7 / 102 700
Alarm clock1Twemco AP-289.4 / 109 800
Smart alarm clock1ONETRAK Life-059.8 / 103 000

Hourglass with alarm clock

1 600

Absolutely incredible idea of ​​designers is to combine an alarm clock and an hourglass in a wooden case. The technology has not yet reached the point that the signal turns on when the sand tank is completely empty, so the alarm clock in this device is quite normal. But he always reminds of the need not to think about seconds down: the hourglasses measure 1, 3 and 5 minutes here. Their magnetic design makes it easy to overturn at least all three tanks at once, at least one at a time.

Looking for a gift to a colleague or friend for a significant date? The Geekclock alarm clock will be an unusual and functional gift.

9.5 / 10

Light Alarms

Philips Wake-up Light
10 000

The Philips Wake-up Light series of light alarms - and in particular the Philips HF3520, will appeal to you for the innovative idea - and at the same time its simplicity and obviousness. The device imitates the light of the sun. A rare person will remain indifferent to how the bedroom is filled first with a soft red light, then a warm orange, and, finally, smoothly turns into a yellow tint. With this, in our opinion, the best unusual alarm clock you will always wake up in sunny weather. And if you can not, then in half an hour after the start of the “light presentation” a loud beep will help you. You can choose from: the sound of the surf, the rustle of Zen Garden, the singing of birds, the scales of a piano or forest trills.

The manufacturer claims that to test the effectiveness of the alarm clocks in this series, numerous clinical studies were carried out, which confirmed: today, the Philips Wake-up Light family remains the only one whose effectiveness cannot be doubted.

9.9 / 10
Medisana WL-450
7 350

This is even more functional interesting alarm clock. Imitation of the sunrise at the end of 30 minutes ends with one of eight melodies - here you can choose such exotic signals as candle-singing, rain noise or jungle sounds. If your family members have to get up at different times, it will be very useful to have the opportunity to set two alarms - and then the Sun in your apartment will rise twice. There is a function of "fast sleep" (action from 15 to 90 minutes). Also, the WL-450 has a built-in FM radio and the ability to connect an MP3 player. The light bulb inside the machine is energy efficient, if you wish, you can use it for reading.

9.5 / 10

Alarm clock with projector

RST 32768
4 000
How convenient: to wake up - and immediately find out what the weather is like outside, think over your wardrobe still lying in bed and get up in full alertness. RST has launched an innovative series of interesting alarm clocks, the scope of which extends beyond the boundaries of your home. Place the sensor of the device behind the window - and get a convenient weather station that with the first alarm the alarm clock will project a lot of information on your ceiling or any other flat surface: about the temperature outside and indoors, time, day of the week, moon phases, etc.

The alarm clock itself is “smart”, it has two modes, you can program them for a week ahead at once. One will wake you up on working days at a specific time, the second can be set for the weekend.

9.5 / 10

Alarm clock with target

Gun Alarm Clock
2 700

Remember how many times you wanted to shoot or gouge this damned alarm clock, ringing in the midst of a dream? Gun Alarm Clock gives you this opportunity. No, we will not destroy anything with a hammer. Long live civilization and humanity: a pistol is attached to an alarm clock with a target. When the preset time comes, the device starts squealing rather intrusively, and to turn it off, you have to hit the target from a distance of up to three meters. In the waking state it is not difficult, but you'll have to try. This is what the manufacturer is counting on: you wake up willy-nilly. If you wish, you can shoot in the daytime, the game mode. Very, in our opinion, an interesting alarm clock!

9.7 / 10

Alarm clock

Twemco AP-28
9 800
This alarm does not hit the technical innovations, rather the opposite: it is for fans of retro. The numbers on the clock turn over: the first devices of this type appeared in the USA in the early 50s and since then they have been used in various kinds of horror films and thrillers many times - they very well demonstrate the imminent inevitability. We do not need horrors, but the inevitability of awakening is a good thing. The German mechanism has a reduced noise level, but the sound of the alarm clock is bright and juicy. The unusual alarm clock Twemco AP-28 will be an excellent gift for a colleague or friend, and it is a pleasure to put it in your own apartment.
9.4 / 10

Smart alarm clock

3 000
Have you ever wondered why, say, on Monday you woke up easily and naturally, and a day later you could barely tear your head off the pillow? The fact is that the sleep of each person consists of several phases, replacing each other within a single cycle. It is best to wake up in the phase of the so-called “light” sleep, when part of the “waking” brain functions have already turned on and the person is as close as possible to awakening. It is hardly possible to do this arbitrarily, but if you have a device like the ONETRAK Life-05 fitness bracelet, it's easy. This device recognizes the phases of sleep and turns on when you enter the phase of light sleep. It is clear that this phase is not always the same as the time at which you need to wake up, so you can set the moment in which the alarm sounds no matter what.
9.8 / 10

Of course, the range of unusual alarm clocks does not end there, but we presented the best of them (in our opinion) in this review. Wake up with pleasure, give presents and smile.

Good morning to you!

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