Overview of the mobile Electrolux EACM-12EW / TOP / N3_W conditioner

Mobile air conditioner Electrolux EACM-12EW / TOP / N3_W - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofmobile candy bar
Main modescooling
Maximum airflow4.83 cc m / min
Temperature range16 - 32 ° C
Power in cooling mode3500 W
Cooling power consumption1100 watts
Fresh air modenot
Additional Modesventilation mode (without cooling and heating), automatic mode
Drainage Modethere is
Remote controlthere is
On / Off Timerthere is
Indoor unit split system or mobile air conditioner (WxHxD)43.6x79.7x39 cm
Split system outdoor unit or window air conditioner (WxHxD)no
Noise level (min / max)no data / 52 dB
Refrigerant typeR 410A
Phasesingle phase
Fine air filtersnot
Fan speed adjustmentthere is
Other functions and featuressetting memory function
Service area25 sq. M. m

Reviews of mobile conditioner Electrolux EACM-12EW / TOP / N3_W


  • Very high quality assembled, despite China; during the daytime a very acceptable noise level; condensate evaporation system; consumes only 850 watts (instead of 1100 declared by the manufacturer)


  • Very large, one must think where to attach it with all the pipes in the winter; for night time it makes a lot of noise.

Very good air conditioning for those who live in a rented apartment and do not want to peg a wall to install a split system, a room of 15 square meters. meters cools by 3-4 degrees with the window ajar (hose without problems just stuck out the window). After a set temperature, it works for 5 minutes, rests 10-15, which is very economical in terms of electricity consumption.
Video on work:
Sakulin Evgeny, 2013-07-14 Evaluation 5


  • comfortable model


  • work noise

Of course not split, but with its task to cool the room copes. convenient that you do not need to drain the water. At first he strained the noise, but over time you get used to it and even do not interfere with sleep. On the other hand, a successful model and in terms of production quality is quite consistent with the price.
Vikharey Peter, 2014-06-27 Evaluation 4


  • Mobile, ideal for a rented apartment. When properly connected, it cools well.


  • Heavy)

I recommend using a fixed connection scheme.
Demidanov Dmitry, 2014-05-15 Evaluation 5


  • cools well


  • there is a very large gap in the window when the pipe is protruding

Perhaps the best among mobile air conditioners, noise is acceptable, not louder than a fan, although of course much more noisy than traditional splits. And most importantly, it really cools, unlike many other brands, despite the gap in the window.
Buggy Club, 2014-05-24 Evaluation 5

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