Description of the refrigerator Bosch KUL 15A50

Bosch KUL 15A50 refrigerator - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type offridge freezer
Locationbuilt in
Freezer Locationon top
Color / Coating Materialwhite / metal
Number of compressors1
Number of cameras1
Number of doors1
Dimensions (WxDxH)59.8x54.8x82 cm
Defrost freezertame
Defrosting the cold storedrip system
Freezing powerup to 2 kg / day
The minimum temperature in the freezer-24 ° C
Additional featuressuper freeze
Overall volume125 l
Refrigerator capacity110 l
Freezer volume15 l
Other functions and features
Antibacterial coatingthere is
Ice generatormissing
Shelf materialglass
The possibility of hanging the doorthere is

Reviews about the refrigerator Bosch KUL 15A50


  • Compact and roomy refrigerator under the tabletop for 2-3 people who do not make blanks.
  • The shelves in the main compartment are well thought out and easy to use.


  • It will be difficult for those who prepare the future to place in it a couple of pots with borsch and meatballs. But the main drawback is the noise of work. Despite the incomplete loading and the smallest freezing capacity, the compressor is noisy, as in bad Soviet models, and makes additional sounds that resemble a plastic box falling onto a stone floor. At first, even shuddered by surprise, the guests look around. The manual is written and even illustrated that it should be so. They learned about it only when they started using it. We did not expect this from a fairly expensive refrigerator, such as the German assembly.
  • For parents, the two-meter Westfrost works really quietly. With him and compared.
  • The top shelf on the door is not clear why. The location is fixed, does not change. Oil separation is also dubious. Our oil can not fit into it. Although a pack of butter or a piece of cheese can be put there.
  • Recently, a can of beer rolled into a fruit tray. Tray cracked. True, not split into pieces. Well, this can be considered our joint.
  • But the handle of the freezer after one and a half years of use cracked in the middle, with no apparent reason. Apparently, there was a bang for the material - this is strange for made in Germany. You can replace rubles for 350-500, but you can use it anyway.
  • Here is such a fridge. Maybe others are even worse, but until this finally gets tired, we will not check.

In general, an excellent spacious bedside table, if not included in the network. Expensive only for the nightstand and such a weak performance.
Update as of November 28, 2013.
After three years, one after the other with a couple of weeks apart, the loops broke. The loop is seemingly powerful, but inside there are plastic elements that break. Price for one from 1500 to 2500 p. I first bought one. On my complaints, that they say, is not enough, something loop worked, the sellers assured me that it was still long enough. In general, all embedded refrigerators have such unreliable loops - they said. Although loops makes the notorious Austrian company Hettich.
At the same time I learned about the freezer door. It only changes completely and costs when ordering through Bosch service is not 300-500 p., As I wrote earlier, but 3500 p. full prepayment with waiting about a month. Through parts stores more expensive for 1000 p.
So you still have to spend on the contents of the refrigerator. Not expected.
BCEMOE, 2013-11-28 Evaluation 3


  • small, conveniently organized space


  • door hinges!

After several years of use, it is safe to say that the only weak point of the refrigerator is the door hinges. This part is always to order, you have to wait. Repair is not cheap.
The handle of the freezer still cracked. Operation does not interfere. With all this, the choice is pleased. Not so great is the choice of refrigerators under the countertop, and this is a good option. But of course I would like the manufacturer to pay attention to the quality of the loops.
Ekimova Svetlana, 2014-08-30 Evaluation 3


  • dimensions, silence of work, a large number of shelves (one even taken out)


They put this refrigerator on the table at the cottage, it works perfectly even in the heat, the products do not deteriorate and are not chapped. We constantly turn off the refrigerator and turn it on again (when we arrive at the dacha), it works properly, it quickly begins to cool
Fedoseeva Maria, 2013-08-03 Evaluation 5

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