Description of the motor-tower Leopard

Motor-towers the Leopard - advantages, shortcomings, characteristics

Ruler Leopard P550 It is characterized by a rear engine, cut by a caterpillar of 550 mm, weighing 90-105 kg (depending on the installed motor), carrying capacity of 40 kg on the towing vehicle and 200 kg of towed cargo and dimensions in working condition 2680x600x720. The average consumption of gasoline AI-92, for example, for a nine-power Honda engine is 2.5 liters / hour.

Leopard Pathfinder - This is a popular series with a front engine. Engine selection: MTR or Honda in the range of 9-15 hp Type of transmission: most often the variator "Safari". The caterpillar is 50 cm wide, and the Pathfinder can be equipped with the so-called aggressive caterpillar. Suspension: rollers or sklizy to choose from. Dimensions 2700x630x700.

Leopard Partizan This is a more compact series with a front engine, dimensions in working conditions 2500h630h650 and own weight of 78kg. Engine selection is the same. Here, in addition to the variator, you can find models with automatic clutch. Partizan will carry 30 kg and carry 120kg of cargo on him. There is an interesting model with front wheel drive.

Leopard Mast 500 can be equipped with an engine capacity of 14, 15 and even 24 hp Dimensions are impressive: in operational condition - 4000x600x800 (mm), and in the transport state, the length is reduced to 2100mm. The towing vehicle weighs 158 kg, while it can carry more than 400 kg of cargo.

Each model of the Barsov is characterized by reliability, endurance, ease of management, high traffic.


  • a wide range of models and engines;
  • low vibration on the steering wheel;
  • adequate fuel consumption;
  • high-quality bearings;
  • folding steering wheel and fixation, which simplifies transportation;
  • the presence of an easily removable hood with headlights from Pathfinder and Partizan;
  • the presence of a metal bumper;
  • split balancer rollers, giving a softer stroke when driving over bumps;
  • factory build quality.


  • requires frequent replacement of variator belts;
  • lack of automatic chain lubrication;
  • not all models easily overcome very deep snow.

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