First Aid for Naughty Nerves

When the nerves are naughty, and it seems that you should not resort to the help of serious medicines - it's time to pay attention to Persen.

Just as we paid attention to him, we created a short “guide to action”: in which cases this tool will be indispensable in the home medicine cabinet (or your purse), and in which cases it is better to choose another drug.

All-powerful Persen?

At first glance (especially if Persen is not the first “soothing” purchase at the pharmacy) for you, its effectiveness may not seem particularly impressive. Melissa, valerian and peppermint are not potent substances that could calm you down.

But this is far from the truth. Sophisticated formulation of the drug allows you to act on the nervous system gently and gradually, without stunning it. This action provides a consistent correction of the nervous reactions that caused insomnia and frequent awakenings or "shallow" sleep, irritability, outbreaks of aggression, or unreasonable episodes of increased anxiety.

And if we analyze these symptoms, then even a person far from medicine will understand: it is from them that more severe disturbances begin, including the syndrome of chronic fatigue and deep depression. And just the precursors of severe violations of psycho-emotional state are perfectly amenable to eradication with the help of Persen.

This means, Persen should become your first line of defense, when relationships with colleagues do not get along at work, children “please” with bad grades, and your nerves only aggravate the situation.

In addition, Persen can be taken as long as you wish without fear of developing an addiction to the drug. This makes it possible to use it even as a prevention of stress and excessive psycho-emotional stress, although these conditions never warn of their approach. Persen, adopted, for example, before the fateful meeting, will help not to react so emotionally to the possible criticism of the authorities, and prevent your transformation into a person with a nervous tick for the next few days.

When Persen is powerless

When the condition is already running, and in addition to slight signs of nervous disorders, more serious symptoms are observed, you should not rely on Persen and take time: now it will play against you.

It is necessary to consult a doctor to evaluate the performance of the nervous system and to prescribe stronger drugs, if you notice one or several symptoms from the following list for a long time:

  • Unreasonable crying. When situations that were previously seen as neutral cause a lump in the throat, and it is very difficult for you to hold back and not cry - this may indicate sustained disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Mood swings. If, normally, such fluctuations make your emotional state move a couple of “steps” left-right (just smiled at a joke and immediately frowned at the thought of an unfinished report), then polar signs are an alarming sign. This means that in the morning you love everyone around and are ready to embrace the first comer, and already after a couple of hours you are visited by thoughts about the purposelessness of existence in general and your life in particular.
  • Irresistible fears. It doesn't matter what causes you to panic: darkness, a sudden ringing phone call or the smell of gas that no one else hears - this state needs to be examined and prescribed psycho- and drug therapy.

Also, do not rely on herbal remedies if you have experienced a traumatic situation - the death of a loved one, have become a witness or a participant in an accident, etc. Do not give your nerves a chance to completely loosen and accept help from stronger sedatives.

From reviews on Persen

“I drank Persen 2 pieces three times a day. The feeling of relaxation comes a few minutes after the reception (no more than 10 minutes will have to wait). I don’t want to kill anymore, my muscles relax, the inner wadding subsides. The state is approaching normal, but then everything starts to come back again (this is observed at the moments of particular tension, and if the excitation was not too strong, then nothing of the kind happens). Such a weakening of the effect appears after 2-3 hours, the second dose of the drug complements the action of the first one and we still slowly recover. ”

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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