Good choice of ice cream makers

How to choose a good ice cream maker

Like to feast on sweet frozen desserts? Or do you have children whom the mere mention of the plombir enthralls? But from the composition of the store packaging dazzled in the eyes, and the result of home experiments in the preparation of ice cream becomes unsightly mash of ice and cream?

Then you just need to buy a small kitchen device called the ice cream maker! This clever can cook delicious cream desserts that can drive even the spoiled gourmet, but you do not have to worry about whether there are dyes, flavors and other hazards in it - because you will control the cooking process yourself. We will help you make the right choice!

The main conditions for a successful purchase

As usual, you first need to make up an idea of ​​what you really need and what you should not overpay for. Decide on the answers to a few questions below, and only then move out from home to the store. We warn you in advance: we will talk about electrical models, the use of which does not require manual mixing - the ice cream in them is mixed automatically. If we buy a special device, we must choose such that it does not require additional efforts.

Automatic or semi-automatic

Do you have free time, or do you like getting everything at once? In the first case, you will need a simple electric model without a compressor, which you will need to pre-hold in the freezer for several hours in order to cool it to the desired temperature. In the second case, you will have to spend money on a more expensive model, equipped with a compressor, which will allow you, without losing a minute, to proceed directly to the preparation of the desired delicacy.

And how do you feel about the noise?Automatic ice cream makers equipped with compressors are quite noticeably buzzing (a little quieter than a modern vacuum cleaner). If you are not against the so-called “white noise”, then it is better to take a compressor model, and if you are sensitive to peace (your own, your nursing baby or an old granny), then we recommend to stay on a model without a compressor that will quietly cool. in the freezer of your home refrigerator.


How many people in your family love ice cream?If you live in splendid isolation or you have a small but very friendly family, then you will definitely have enough ice cream makers with a cup of up to one liter. For large families of 4 people need a more capacious device with a bowl capacity of about two liters.

How often will you make ice cream? If you can’t imagine your life without a cup of creamy delicacy every day, then we recommend that you purchase a model with a more reliable stainless steel bowl. It will cost more, but it will last longer. If you buy an ice cream machine to occasionally treat yourself to a tasty but healthy dessert, then a budget model with a plastic bowl will suit you.


Are you ready to wait until the ice cream is ready?Yes, yes, you heard right! Most ice cream makers prepare desserts in about one hour, with the exception of the most powerful compressor models that can do the same task in 20-30 minutes.

Do you save electricity? Powerful models with compressors consume more electricity than semiautomatic devices, which mainly operate due to the energy consumption of the freezer.

Additional features

How can manufacturers of ice cream makers be pleased with lovers of technical bonuses with which practically all electronic devices are crammed today? Here is a list of additional features of ice cream makers, which, of course, will simplify the cooking process, but at the same time, will increase the purchase amount:

  • Viewing window for those who like to control everything;
  • A timer with a loud signal for those who often forget that they have left something to cook in the kitchen;
  • The possibility of preparing different types of desserts (fruit ice, ice cream, sherbet, etc.) for the most sophisticated sweet teeth;
  • Combination with a yogurt maker for adherents of a healthy diet and for young mothers who do not want to spend all their savings on store baby food;
  • Defrosting mode for those who do not like to wait until the ice cream thaws to get it out.

The most common manufacturers of ice cream makers

Having conducted a small study of customer reviews in the open spaces of the network, we have chosen for you the most proven producers of ice cream makers, who have earned themselves an excellent reputation in the Russian market.

  • Low-cost ice cream makers worth up to three thousand rubles. Top brands in this segment: SUPRA, Vitek, Smile, MAXWELL, Binatone. Among the large range of their models, one can find not only simple semi-automatic models, but also quite decent ones in quality and functionality of the device.
  • The best ice cream makers in the middle price segment from three to eight thousand rubles: CLATRONIC, Saturn, ARIETE, Nemox, Kenwood. They combine the excellent quality of materials, several modes of making ice cream and other additional options.
  • In the high price segment, almost all manufacturers have earned positive customer reviews. Among them are companies like Bork, Brand, Gastrorag, producing multifunctional semi-professional and professional equipment of the highest class.

The main mistakes when buying

It would seem that you can miss when buying such a simple device? Warning: the three most stupid mistakes when choosing an ice cream maker.

  1. Purchase semi-automatic model without preliminary measurements of the freezer. Many buyers purchased models that simply did not fit into the freezer, after which they had to spend time and nerves on the return and exchange of goods.
  2. Purchase a mechanical ice cream maker. Many, without reading the instructions, manage to purchase obsolete mechanical models that require direct participation in the process. Well, why do you need such a swell, which itself can not do anything?
  3. Buying an ice-cream maker with a short wire puzzles you in search of a convenient place to install it. It is better to initially choose a model with a long wire, than to additionally buy an extension cord and stumble over wires throughout the kitchen.

We wish you a happy shopping and more delicious desserts!

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