Competent choice of thermal paste for the processor

How to achieve better heat transfer from the processor to the cooler

Have your friends burned a computer? Now you are afraid to buy a new processor for your computer, because after that a very complicated assembly follows? Stop it! The processor is inserted into the motherboard with one movement of a pair of fingers. The cooler pulls down on him just as easy. It is only necessary to correctly apply a layer of thermal paste on the processor. How to do this and exactly how to choose the thermal paste - this article will tell.

Now almost all manufacturers of computer components produce thermal grease. And recently tightened and little-known Chinese companies. And if before all the products had high quality, then after the arrival of the “Chinese” the situation changed. In order to find the thermal grease that does not fail, check out the main requirements for this product:

  • The presence of dielectric properties due to which the residual voltage is not transferred to the cooler;
  • Non-drying basis - it can be understood about its presence by the absence of an expiration date;
  • Resistance to high temperatures allows thermal grease to evaporate even in the event of overclocking;
  • The presence of high thermal conductivity contributes to the excellent cooling of the installed chipset;
  • Incombustibility, again, will not allow the thermal paste to ignite during an overclocking processor;
  • Finally, the liquid should not be toxic - for many years it should not spoil the surface of the cooler or processor base.

There are three types of packaging in which thermal grease is distributed. The most comfortable is syringe. So without problems you can squeeze out the right amount of fluid. The second kind is tube, familiar to us from toothpaste and other thick mass. Also quite convenient packaging. And the cheapest thermal paste is distributed in plastic sachets. Squeezing the right amount of mass in this case is much more difficult, especially without having scissors on hand. It should also be noted that the bag contains the minimum amount of thermal paste - just one processor. But if you buy it to build only one computer, then you should not worry about it. Or buy two packs at once, just in case.

Regarding the methods of applying thermal paste among overclockers, there are continuous disputes. Some say that it is necessary to evenly distribute the heat-conducting mass over the entire area of ​​the processor, using a plastic card. Other people argue that you need to put the thermal paste in the shape of the letter "X". Still others put this mass only on the center of the chipset - under the pressure of the thermal grease, in any case, it will be distributed over the entire area.

Apparently, all these methods lead to the same result. However, one strict rule is still to be remembered! Do not apply too thick a layer of thermal paste. Many people believe that manufacturers do not in vain offer thermal grease in a large syringe - they definitely need to squeeze all this volume onto the chipset. This is a huge mistake! As a rule, thermal grease in tubes and syringes is designed for two or even three applications. The thick layer does not contribute to heat transfer, it can easily even worsen it!

We advise you to avoid buying thermal paste for a penny, created by Chinese companies. Here is the case when it is better not to save, so that then there are no problems with the cooling of the processor. Pay attention to the products Titan, Zalman, Gigabyte, Geil and Fanner. More recently, some of these companies have mastered the production of thermal paste, spreading in a bottle, in the lid of which a brush is glued. In short, such a product is very similar to the stroke that many of us used in school. This option is ideal for store workers and service centers who assemble computers almost every day.

When choosing a thermal paste, you can not discard and domestic products. Products under brands KPT-8 and "Alsil-3" do not cause any complaints. But this can not be said about foreign Noctua NT-H1. This is a very strange thermal grease, which must be reheated before applying to the processor, otherwise it will remain too thick. But it has the best properties. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then you can buy this thermal paste.

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