The competent choice of an ax

Hack yourself on the nose!

Despite the dominance of all kinds of electrical equipment, the good old axes are still very popular with owners of private houses, summer houses and hikers. If you consider yourself to be one of the listed categories of these cheerful people, then the ax for you is not just an original thing, but an essential item. How to choose the right ax for your needs, read our article.

Main selection criteria

How to start choosing this tool, which appeared at the dawn of our civilization? During its existence, mankind has invented so many different forms and purposes of the ax that it will be quite difficult not to get confused in them. To begin with, we will define the type of hatchet that will best suit your lifestyle.

Types of axes

  • Axes for chopping meat differ in remarkable weight - from 2 kg. The main thing when choosing such a tool is to choose a wider blade, and metal more precisely, because you have to chop not only muscle fibers, but also bones.
  • Axes for carpenters and joiners go easy, and their chopping part is straight. They are more elegant than butcher models.
  • Hatchets for hunting more compact. Their blade has a convenient recess closer to the handle, for which you can hang the tool on a strong branch, and which is useful when cutting the carcass of a large beast.
  • Ax for chopping wood a bit similar in shape to the butcher’s - it has a wide blade and a lot of weight. The only difference is a longer handle that allows you to apply less effort and make a bigger sweep.
  • Hiking hatchets - the lightest and narrowest, as they are intended for cutting branches and twigs for a fire. Often there are models completely made of metal with a rubber handle.

Ax weight

This is another important parameter that determines the ease of use. If you choose an ax for hiking, hunting or fishing, or buy it in the car, then you will fit lightweight models of small size, which are convenient to carry around. If the ax is needed for chopping wood or chopping meat, you will not carry it anywhere - respectively, you can choose a heavier model.


Very important criteria are the materials from which the ax is made.

The stronger the steel from which the blade is poured, the longer the tool will last for you and the less often you will have to sharpen it. How to understand that steel is good? Quality metal rings, if you give a blade "click". If you hear a dull sound, this ax is better to put aside.

Handle material is another indicator of ease of use. The rubberized handles of modern hatchets are very comfortable - the hand does not slide on the handle, and the splinters do not stick into the skin. If you want to have a classic ax with a wooden handle, then choose birch. But be ready, that in a couple of years the handle will dry out - then lower it into the water to make it swollen.

additional characteristics

  • The type of blade sharpening is equally important. The narrower the sharpening angle, the deeper the ax will penetrate. At the same time, such a blade is quickly blunted, so for cutting hard materials (logs, meat or ice) it is better to purchase a tool with blunt sharpening.
  • The wedge in a wooden ax can be wooden or metal. Experienced people are advised to immediately replace the metal wedge with a wooden one, as they often fall out, which can cause injury.

Prices and manufacturers

The cost of axes ranges from 200 to 3000 rubles, and the price often depends on the manufacturer, and not on the type of ax.

The cheapest axes are tools with a wooden ax for chopping wood or meat. They can be purchased at a price of up to 600-700 rubles.

Hunting and tourist axes are more expensive, because they are often made entirely of metal, and their handles are rubberized. To purchase such a tool, select from 1 to 2 thousand rubles.

Of the Russian manufacturers the most popular LEOPARD, LABOR OF VACHA and Bison. As for foreign brands, they are leading Fiskars, STURM!, MATRIX, Fit and Stayer.

Note to the buyer

  1. When choosing an ax with a wooden handle, carefully inspect the ax handle for the presence of cracks and burrs: you do not want to call an ambulance after the first test of a new toy?
  2. Check the balance of the ax by taking it in the middle. The balance should move closer to the hilt, otherwise you will not be able to chop wood even for a doll fire.
  3. If you are not a professional hunter or a tourist, do not buy products with complex-shaped blades - choose the simplest model. Various notches and rounding require special handling and skills, in the absence of which you can easily get injured.

We wish you a happy shopping and high-quality chopping!

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